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His Destined Path Chapter 3417

A huge white energy burst out of Su Yingxia’s body, just like the Purple Emotion before. Her body went limp and she fell down, and was helped by Han Qianqian to lie down on a chair.

And immediately afterwards, Su Yingxia’s body returned to normal, except that compared to before, an additional layer of stable white qi had been enveloping her body.

The method of the Poor Man of Heaven. Han Qianqian understood it very well, it was somewhat similar to the method of using a compulsion to subdue poison.

It was as if someone used a compulsion to poison someone. But there are also people who use compulsions to save people, and because the Heaven’s Poor Man’s body is now like gravel, to some extent, it is the compulsion at this time.

This method Han Qianqian can also be sure that it is not lying to himself, it is indeed always accompanied by the danger of life, once there is any failure, it is bound to be a place of death.

After all, if someone is bitten by a poisonous snake and someone goes to help add drugs to transform the poison, there is a high risk of being infected with the snake’s poison, while what it faces is a rootless poison that is many thousands of times more powerful than the snake’s poison.

Once hit. It is also the same as this guy and Su Yingxia ……

Watching the white gas tend to stabilize, Han Qianqian did not dare to utter even a single word. Afraid of accidentally disturbing the Poor Man of Heaven, at this time he could do nothing but wait silently by the side.

One minute ……

An hour ……

Or even, a whole number of hours.

When the sun sets and the moon rises. When the moon sets and the sun rises, the night pa*ses. The evil Taotie next to him had already been sleeping, sometimes with a gurgling sound.

Han Qianqian’s eyes were tired and he had never closed them once during the whole night. Although he knew that there was nothing he could do to help Su Yingxia now, as a husband, he kept watching Su Yingxia, hoping to know everything about her at the first opportunity.

Outside the bamboo house. Qin Shuang’s face was still as frosty as ever, holding a bowl of hot porridge in her hand. She hovered gently outside the door, knowing that Han Qianqian had been up all night. She wanted to bring him some congee to warm him up, but was afraid of disturbing him by going in at this time. The morning was slightly cool and she was afraid that the congee would get cold, so she kept her other hand over the mouth of the bowl and then placed the other side of the bowl as close to her stomach as possible.

It was while she was hesitating. The sound of footsteps came, and when she looked back, she saw that Ning Yue was also slowly walking over with a bowl in her hand.

When Ning Yue saw Qin Frost, she smiled faintly, “I just brought some dishes. ”

As she spoke. Ning Yue gave Qin Shang a glance at the contents of the bowl in her hand, and sure enough, the bowl was nothing more than some green vegetables.

“I knew you would bring him food. ” Ning Yue smiled gently, “No movement in there yet? ”

Qin Shuang shook her head in dismay and looked down at the porridge in her hand, which she had made for Han Qianqian before dawn. She may have been gifted in monasticism, but she knew nothing about cooking, and the fact that five of her ten fingers were red spoke volumes.

“I’m not the only one who delivers food. ” Qin Shuang laughed bitterly.

On the way here, she had seen many people cooking porridge, and most of the meals over at the wooden hut were communal. Cooking alone wasn’t even necessary, so making it meant something understood.

Nying Yue gave a bitter laugh. This was also true, she had seen the famous scene of porridge being cooked all around on the way here. Whether it was Miss Wang Simin, Miss Su Yan, or Xia Wei and Xiao Chunhua who came in with Han Qianqian, almost everyone was busy with their own porridge, whether they knew how or not.

After a glance at the bamboo house, Ning Yue naturally no longer needed Qin Shuang’s answer.

“The new girl called Xia Wei that Han Qianqian came and brought back is quite good looking, her temperament is not bad, compared to you, it’s not bad at all. ” Ning Yue smiled gently, and when she finished, she placed the bowl in her hand on Qin Shrost’s and turned around to go back in the direction of the wooden house.

Qin Shrost gave a bitter smile, how could she not know what Ning Yue meant?

It was just that she wanted to too, it was just a pity that ……

The one in the house was all he had.

And at that moment, the sunlight was already faintly shining through the clouds and directly into the house, bringing some warmth and spirit to the entire deadly house.

Han Qianqian got up and pulled the curtains slightly shut so that the light would not be too harsh for Su Yingxia’s comfort, but almost at the moment when he had just pulled the curtains shut, because of the rattling of the curtains, at this moment behind him, a murmur suddenly came ……