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His Destined Path Chapter 3418

Han Qianqian was startled and subconsciously turned around. Su Yingxia’s eyes were slightly open and her hands were moving slightly.

Han Qianqian was overjoyed and hurriedly rushed to the bedside in a few steps, looking at Su Yingxia and saying excitedly, “Yingxia, you’re awake?”

Su Yingxia had only just woken up and was still a little confused for a while. When she saw Han Qianqian, she frowned slightly, “Qianqian, how did I …… get here?”

She tried hard to recall everything that had happened before, and suddenly remembered that when she accompanied Han Qianqian to the wooden house, she suddenly had a poisonous attack and fainted.

Thinking about the poison she had been poisoned with, Su Yingxia’s eyes clearly dodged a little.

Han Qianqian knew that she did not want to let herself know that she had been poisoned, so not only did she not get the slightest bit angry, but she gently squatted on the edge of the bed and smiled slightly: “It is because you know that you have been poisoned to death that you have been intentionally distancing yourself from me, right?”

Su Yingxia nodded and shook her head again, nervously looking back at Han Qianqian but seeing Han Qianqian’s warm smile, for a moment she couldn’t help but be a little unsure of how to answer.

The only thing that I can do is to tell you that I’ve got a lot of information about the company and I’ve got a lot of information about the company. /p>

The reason she kept pushing Han Qianqian away was indeed partly because Su Yingxia knew she had been poisoned with such a severe poison and that there was no cure for it.

But this was at best a catalyst, she was more under the influence of Lu Ruoxin’s words and knew that she would only be a drag on Han Qianqian, and that without her, Han Qianqian would be a wild horse, a flying tiger with long wings, a flying dragon in the sky.

So, for Su Yingxia, this notion was not only recognised by herself, but was also becoming ingrained in her step by step.

“You’re really too stupid.” Han Qianqian looked at her heartily, “We’re a couple, we should face any problems together, otherwise what kind of a couple would we call it?”

“I told you, even if the sky falls, as long as I am still alive, then I will definitely carry it for you.” Han Qianqian said softly, then gently took Su Yingxia’s hand and held it in his own, “Promise me that you won’t push me away again, okay?”

Su Yingxia’s eyes were filled with tears, of course she knew and understood how much Han Qianqian loved her, and what woman would not want to have a man who loved her so much?

It’s just that Su Yingxia is also clear that it’s because she loves this man so much that she doesn’t want to see the slightest bad thing about him.

Su Yingxia is worried ……

“Okay, okay, can you two stop spreading dog food in front of me, ah, I know you love each other as a couple, touching heaven and earth, and even more so, I know you are talented and beautiful, simply match to bubble, but can you get me out first?”

“sh*t, even if you want to tear down the bridge, I’d like you to do it, just leave me hanging?”

At this moment, a voice came from within Su Yingxia’s body, Su Yingxia immediately looked around in astonishment, obviously taken aback, but when she realized that the voice was coming out of her own mouth, her whole body looked at Han Qianqian with even more shock.

Han Qianqian was also visibly stunned, and only then did he suddenly remember something.

As Su Yingxia woke up, Han Qianqian’s mind was completely focused on her, and he had forgotten all about Heaven’s Poor Man, who was the pioneer of poison testing.

Looking at Su Yingxia’s frightened appearance, Han Qianqian, who reflected at this moment, hurriedly held her hand tighter and smiled gently: “Don’t be afraid, it’s the doctor.”

“Dafu?” Su Yingxia’s entire body was dumbfounded, obviously she hadn’t opened her mouth just now, but her mouth subconsciously opened, and more importantly, she also made a sound that didn’t belong to her at all, plus Han Qianqian’s words that left her confused at this moment, her entire body was even more unaware of what was actually happening.

Han Qianqian smiled faintly, followed by a movement in his hand, a chaotic power pa*sed directly into Su Yingxia’s body through the two of them grasping hands, and the white light on her body began to flourish again, and immediately afterwards, another scene that shocked her beyond measure happened.