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His Destined Path Chapter 3431

“This is difficult for these guys, not only do they have to be tormented by you in life, but even after death, they also have to be tormented by you.”

“It is easier for them to walk the path of the True God than others, this is the role that heaven has destined for them, isn’t there a good saying? Everyone is born with an individual mission, and they are no exception.”

“It’s just that, perhaps for them, they will feel very wronged. But their injustice is only because they are not quite clear about their own position.”

The old man who swept the ground nodded: “Just like this jungle, some are born as the jungle’s respective overlords; there is a crocodile in the water that dominates itself in the water, there is an eagle in the forest that dominates itself at the top of the forest, and there is a tiger in the ground that is the king of the forest.”

“True, they are just like the true gods who are dying here at the moment; from their point of view, they are all kings of their respective domains, absolute dominators, but that is their view.”

“For the gods or humans further up the hierarchy, they exist not for domination, but simply for a complete chain of creatures, or rather, a perfect golden tower.”

“Humans ultimately rely on a perfect food chain to complete their diet and also control the ecological balance, and the spire of a golden tower always needs not only the base of the tower but also the platform on which the spire is placed, and they, in turn, are the platform.”

“The true gods, too, or the best of the true gods, too, they are no different from them, they are all just tools, and their ultimate purpose is for one person.”

As the two men spoke, they looked at each other and smiled, everything was in the air.

The old man who swept the floor laughed and said, “But you must also be praised for killing two birds with one stone, both to make that guy shut up in advance so that Han Qianqian won’t know something he shouldn’t know now, and at the same time, to completely find a name to address Han Qianqian to throw him into such a place for his proper trial, before we had been worried about how to make this guy go in willingly, this It’s a good thing, it saves us the trouble.”

The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books gave a helpless laugh, but there was clearly a hint of smugness in the smile, “Hey, this isn’t much of a skill, I just forgot that that guy is different from the Evil Taotie, it can talk.”

“And almost because of this one little mistake, we almost buried the big game, we must be more careful in the future.”

The old sweeper nodded, “Right, we’ve got everything we need to get right now anyway, so let’s play while we have some time?”

“Haha, you’re itching to get your hands dirty again, come on, who’s afraid of who?”

“Okay, but how about the two of us play differently this time?”

Upon hearing this, the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books instantly understood the meaning of the old man sweeping the ground, and with a quick thought, he laughed thievishly, “You are thinking of not playing chess, but ……”

“That’s right, how about a bet? Simple and dry, interested?” The old man who swept the floor laughed.

“Good, then let’s bet on it, let’s bet on when Han Qianqian can walk out of this jungle, I bet on seven days later.” The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books were also in a good mood and spoke.

The earth-sweeping old man nodded, “That’s just what I want, I have my eye on this kid, I’ll bet that he’ll be out in seven days.”

With a wave of his hand, the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books and the Earth-Sweeping Old Man exchanged a high five, “Then it’s a deal.”

However, just as the two of them made the high-five deal, they let out a loud laugh at almost the same time.

It was only after a few moments of laughing that the two of them reluctantly stopped, and the ground sweeping old man even had a hint of tears in his eyes, “Isn’t this too much for us, someone Han Qianqian is still alive or dead inside, yet we are here to bet on others.”

「This is the first time I’ve ever seen a diaper with a wisp of wisp of wisp in it. /p>

The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books are also a little embarra*sed: “Haha, that’s true, although Han Qianqian is indeed highly anticipated, the challenges he is currently facing are also really beyond his current level to take on. Theoretically, all the jungles this time should be faced at least after he has completed his ascension after a few more levels, we both this is ……”


Another burst of thunderous laughter.

And at that moment, Han Qianqian, who was in the jungle, couldn’t help but sneeze, and at the same time, he suddenly stopped in his tracks, he noticed that something was wrong ……