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His Destined Path Chapter 3432

Han Qianqian frowned and at the same time made the Evil Taotie following beside him stop in time, one person and one beast seemed to even stop breathing temporarily in order to try not to emit any sound.

Han Qianqian’s gaze was as deep as a cheetah in the darkness of night, scanning the surroundings closely.

The surrounding area was unusually peaceful, and even a little terrifying.

The Evil Taotie did not say a word, quietly opening its one eye, as if it was sensing something just like Han Qianqian.


Han Qianqian hummed slightly, unable to help but feel greatly puzzled.

Under his divine sense, it seemed that all around him were all gra*s and nothing, but Han Qianqian’s intuition seemed to be telling Han Qianqian that something seemed to exist around him.

It was difficult for Han Qianqian to tell which was true and which was not.

However, it was obvious that it was not a good idea to be so anxious at the moment, so we couldn’t just confront each other here until we didn’t know when.

With a slight movement in his hand, he pulled out his jade sword and once again, one person and one beast moved forward.

The place where they were staying suddenly moved slightly, and the roots and tendons of some plants moved slowly, just like a man stretching his arms.

The first thing that happened was that the people who were in the area were not able to see the plants. /p>

In the jungle, even a few shallow laughs could be heard.

The other end, at this time, a man and a beast has long gone forward a few hundred meters distance, but the further forward, the more Han Qianqian feel odd, he always felt that someone seems to have been following him, but back to the eyes, in addition to the endless jungle, and where there is nothing?

Han Qianqian patted the Evil Taotie’s shoulder and suddenly changed his route. Instead of choosing the smaller ravine where the rapids gushed through, Han Qianqian took a big step towards the larger river and chose to plunge straight through.

The speed of the stream here was relatively slow and the water tended to be calm, but the stream was so wide that Han Qianqian had to wade through it, but fortunately the water was not very deep and one person and one beast crossed the river with little effort.

Immediately afterwards, Han Qianqian took a few steps up the bank, but suddenly stopped himself.

Behind them, there was still the sound of rushing water, as if nothing had happened.

But at this moment, Han Qianqian smiled gently: “Come out.”

When the Evil Taotie heard the sound, he looked back and saw that there was nothing behind him.

Only Han Qianqian, at this time, but with a faint smile back, but he did not as the Evil Taotie will be flat eyes, but slightly ground head, looking at the ground.

Above the ground, there were faint traces of water at this point.

“Still want to hide?” Han Qianqian laughed coldly, then raised his eyes and looked to his left and right.

The reason why he had chosen such a stream surface to cross was not that Han Qianqian did not have his own considerations.

He had always suspected that something was following him, but the jungle was simply too complex, with coiled roots, fallen leaves and branches, all of which could affect one’s judgement.

The stream, however, was different.

Although it was turbulent, the advantage was that it was very pure, without too many impurities involved in it.

So, Han Qianqian had a plan, when he crossed the stream, he would definitely leave footprints with the evil Taotie when he went ashore, and he would also leave water stains on his body, and it was these water stains that became the key clue for Han Qianqian to “solve the case”.

As a rule, the two men’s footprints would naturally be accompanied by corresponding water stains on their bodies, but it must have a certain regularity, but if there was another person or object coming up from the stream, once it could not coincide with their own footprints, it must have a gap with Han Qianqian in terms of water stains.

The man was so smart that he even considered this aspect, so once he crossed the stream, this guy kept close to the evil Taotie on the shore, so that each body, even if the back was trying to deliberately step on Han Qianqian’s footsteps, it was bound to produce new and different marks because of the lack of a beast.

And obviously, at this time, the water stains on the shore, is obviously different.

Following the direction of the water stains, Han Qianqian was basically sure that something else existed to his left and right at the moment.

With the jade sword wrapped around the Heavenly Flame Moon Wheel in his hand, he raised his hand and flung the jade sword with it, and the Heavenly Flame Moon Wheel instantly turned into two long dragons that ran straight to his left and right.

And almost at the same time, the jungle next to him, which was incomparably peaceful, suddenly burst into a great movement ……