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His Destined Path Chapter 3435

“Interesting!” With another movement in his hand, the tree man withdrew his own branch and looked at Han Qianqian as he laughed leisurely, “That’s interesting to say the least, good, I’ll give you a chance to talk.”

“Let me ask you, why are you not dead now, and still a living person?”

The tree man’s question was obviously a very curious one for both the bug man and the water man, and even the stone man.

This was a place where only the living had always come in to become dead, why come now, and yet there was a tumultuous living man, still unharmed.

“That guy will definitely not be kind, and those heavy organs are by no means for anyone to get past. Over the years, we have witnessed how many descendants have returned to the jungle, just like us. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing. Could it be that he pa*sed those trials?”

“Impossible, impossible, those trials are difficult for people like us to crack, even our ancestors died in them, this kid is a f*cking nonsense, how can he be qualified?” The insect man cursed disdainfully.

True to his words, in his world, since he couldn’t pa*s it, then naturally those descendants couldn’t pa*s it either, they didn’t have that qualification.

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They, too, could never compare to themselves.

The tree man did not say anything, but only looked at Han Qianqian coldly, obviously, he agrees with this bug man of this view.

Han Qianqian smiled faintly, but did not say anything.

“Brat, what the f*ck do you mean by that? I told you to f*cking speak, are you f*cking deaf?” When the insect man saw this, he roared in anger.

Han Qianqian still smiled, but this time he opened his mouth, “Are you stupid not to tell if I’m deaf or not? Besides, if you ask me, do I have to tell you? What if I don’t tell you?”

The insect man had never been so angry before, and his insects were flying wildly, clearly in a state of rage: “What the f*ck, you b*****d, what did you say? Say it again if you have the guts?”

“Say it ten times, I won’t say it, you bite me?” Han Qianqian said with cold disdain.

The insect man was about to make a move, but at that moment the tree man stopped him once again and looked at Han Qianqian, but with a leathery smile, he said, “It seems that you should not have come out of the trial.”

Han Qianqian laughed, wanting to use the reverse retreat as an advance?

This was a trick that Han Qianqian had already played back on Earth until he didn’t want to play it anymore. If this could work on him, then it would be too D*mned desperate to see a ghost in the sky.

When the insect man saw that Han Qianqian still didn’t say anything, he roared, “I think, save yourself the nonsense with this son of a b*tch, anyway, whether he’s a human or a ghost, as long as he gets here, the end result will be the same.”

The tree man glanced at the water man who, after a moment’s reflection, nodded, “Since we can’t ask for the truth, there’s really no point in wasting time.”

Seeing that both of them agreed, although they were confused and unusually curious in their hearts, there was really no better way at the moment, so with a nod of his head, the tree-man also agreed.

After reaching an agreement, the four looked at each other at the same time, and their figures were about to disappear, ready to attack jointly, when Han Qianqian opened his mouth at that moment, “Wait a minute.”

As soon as they heard this, the four of them appeared at the same time and looked at Han Qianqian, the tree man was the first to speak, “What’s wrong with you again?”

“Not really.” Han Qianqian looked like I wanted to be beaten up, then smiled, “It’s just that I suddenly thought about it and wanted to say it again.”

“f*ck, you’re playing us, aren’t you?” The flyer roared and made a move to fight.

Han Qianqian, however, just smiled, “Go ahead, if you fight, no one will tell you how I survived.”

Hearing this, the tree man glanced at the insect man, signalling him not to be too impulsive, and after exchanging a glance with the water man to agree again, he looked at Han Qianqian: “Now you can talk, can’t you?”

Han Qianqian smiled and shook his head, “I can say it anytime, but I’m a little afraid ……”

“Afraid?” The insect man snorted coldly, “If you know you’re afraid, then hurry up and say it, cut the f*cking crap.”

“No, no, no, it’s not that I’m afraid, but I’m afraid …… I’m afraid that you’re afraid!”

With those words, Han Qianqian smiled wickedly ……