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His Destined Path Chapter 3434

In the tree, the figure is about two metres high and appears to be a human being, not a tree.

The human figure has a human head, but his limbs are tree trunks, and he has various types of thorns twisted around him.

Among the flying insects, there was also a man, about one meter seven, thin, human, with a human head, sound limbs, as if crawling with all kinds of flying insects, and like a body constructed by flying insects, although the head is human-shaped head, but half is missing, only the remaining part of the inside, there is also like insect eggs constructed by general.

The second is a man of stone, as solid as a rock and as stable as a mountain, about two and a half metres high, his whole body made of mud and stone, mixed with moss and moss, his brain like a pinch of mud, flat and grotesque, but with two oddly large eyes.

The last is a man in the water, his form indistinct, as if he were a ghost in the water, without limbs, but with an arm and a leg, a crab’s arm and a shrimp’s retreat.

The brain is not a man, but resembles a fish, yet not a fish’s eye, but like a bull’s eye.

The four men stepped out, each laughing hideously, as if Han Qianqian, at this moment, was already in their pocket.

“Little man, how dare you rush into the jungle of death, it seems that you really don’t know how to live or die.” The tree man laughed softly and coldly as he took the lead in speaking.

“We’ve been in this place for I don’t know how many f*cking years, we’re all dying of boredom, I didn’t expect it, I didn’t expect it, but today we’ve suddenly come to have fun.” Waterman also chuckled softly.

“I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to get a good deal on this,†he said. Download the full version of this article. /p>

The insect man topped a half head, seeming to smile, but not quite a mouth and not seeming to smile: “Gentlemen, what is the plan to do with it?”

The stone man made a lanky, unmistakable sound, “Kill, kill, kill!”

The tree man and the water man looked at each other and laughed, “This kid is out of his mind, all he knows is kill, kill, kill all day long.”

“Oh, who wouldn’t go crazy staying in this hellhole? Let me make the call, abuse first and then kill, let’s at least have fun.”

Bugman nodded coldly, “I totally agree.”

“I agree too.” The tree man also nodded his head.

Immediately afterwards, he swept his gaze towards Han Qianqian at this moment, “Tsk, has the Eightfold World degenerated like this now? This brat can also be called a True God?”

“For a True God to have fallen to such a state is simply a disgrace to the Eightfold World.” The insect man also cursed disdainfully.

“Speaking of which, it’s also our fault, if we hadn’t been trapped here by this D*mnation, how could we have had the turn of these trash descendants to claim the King’s Lamp Base.” The tree man said in annoyance.

The stone man patted his chest and roared in anger again here, “Kill kill kill.”

Although he was still shouting kill kill kill, the obvious point was that this guy’s real intent was to vent the same anger as the tree man.

“Hey, as the saying goes, if the tiger is not at home, this monkey is the king, what can I do if my generation gives birth to such a monkey?” The Waterman said with cold disdain.

“From the way you sound, you are the original true gods who died, right?” Han Qianqian looked at the four while holding on to his resistance, and could not help but laugh coldly.

Hearing Han Qianqian’s words, the four looked at each other, smugly, but with a deep disdain for Han Qianqian, the tree man spoke up and coldly snorted, “Do you have the right to interrupt when we are talking?”

“Shut the hell up, who are you to interrupt?” Waterman also said with discontent.

Insect Man was even more sarcastic, “If you dare say another word, I’ll rip your mouth off right now.”

“Humph!” Han Qianqian smiled, but not only did he not do as he was told, he snorted out a cold laugh between his nostrils.

The insect was furious and immediately wanted to keep his promise, but it was the tree man who opened his mouth first and looked at Han Qianqian, saying disdainfully, “What are you humming? Who are you to hum in front of us?”

“What qualifications do I have?” Han Qianqian laughed: “You are so qualified, I would like to ask you, what do you look like now that you are here? You don’t look like human beings, you don’t look like ghosts. On the other hand, I, the one you call unqualified, am still a living human being today, so what qualifications do you have to speak to me?”

With a single word, the four of them were choked silent on the spot!

The stone man was about to burst into rage, but at that moment, the tree man opened his hand and countless branches directly stopped the stone man ……