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His Destined Path Chapter 3443

As a matter of fact, at the same time as the sailor was startled, Han Qianqian’s figure cut through the sky like a meteor and skipped past him, heading straight for the insects behind him.

The waterman was in a hurry, but he knew it was too late to go on, so he could only look back.


Almost at the same time as he looked back, there was a muffled sound, the insect man was still thinking about it, but he was not expecting Han Qianqian’s attack, his body subconsciously tried to defend, but how could he resist Han Qianqian’s well-prepared blow.


The insect man was directly knocked several steps away, stumbling, and his insect-like form became extremely unstable, as if it was about to disappear.

However, to Han Qianqian’s surprise, although the insect man was already like this, he was not seriously injured and lost his fighting ability as he had imagined.

The creature was still flying in the air, and although it had injuries, they were not as serious as one would have thought.

As expected, it was still a true god, not to be underestimated.

Even without his true body, his strength was greatly affected, but a thin camel is bigger than a horse.

There was something interesting about that.

The insect man glanced at Han Qianqian in shock, while also looking at the distant water man, with anger and resentment in his eyes.

“Somewhat interesting.” Han Qianqian smiled gently and withdrew his long sword, regaining his grip on the Pan Gu Axe, battle intent high in his eyes.

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“You D*mned fellow, provoking our feelings for each other, I want you to die a good death.”

A furious cry rang out behind him, the water man couldn’t take it anymore, of course he felt the gaze of the insect man, although he did fear the Five Elements divine Stone in Han Qiancheng’s hand, he also understood that if he didn’t make a move at this time, then his two remaining brothers would definitely see him as a traitor.

He did not want such a downfall, and he would not allow it to happen.

The water serpent surged wildly, backhanded like a giant dragon returning to its head, opening its bloody mouth and gathering momentum to strike.

Seeing the water man’s attack, the insect man also fell into a rage because of his injury, and roared out, a strange transformation of flying insects around his body, standing behind him like feathers, aimed at Han Qianqian and attacked from the front.

Han Qianqian didn’t panic at all, having the experience of defeating the tree man earlier, he shot out an energy from the Five Elements Divine Stone in his left hand directly towards the raging water snake, and with a manipulation of the Pan Gu Axe in his right hand, he directly attacked the insect man.

“Do you still want to use that move from earlier?” The insect man was furious at this and roared in anger.

However, Han Qianqian just shook his head helplessly, “Of course, I have a water man who can help me at any time, so why not use it?”

With those words, Han Qianqian stared at the insect-man with an odd smile.

The insect man was stunned, having just given up on that idea because of the water man’s attack, but when faced with Han Qianqian’s odd smile, it was inevitable that he would think of it again.

This is not just an empty thought, but it actually makes sense, isn’t that what happened to the tree man?

If he had done what he had just done, and if he had done the same trick again, and if the whole sky had been on fire, then the tree man who was wailing now would have been his own end in the near future.

“What? Aren’t you still angry enough to attack me furiously? He told me that the tree man is stable, so when I attack, my body is bound to contract in defence, and a fire will burn like a camp. And you, impulsive nature, the main attack on you will certainly you will be furious, so that flying insects roaming the sky, when the same a fire ……” said, Han three thousand did not say more, only unusually grim and cold smile at the insect man.

The insect man did not say anything, nor did he have the usual anger, but instead his heart was shocked and he stared at Han Qianqian with abnormal fear ……

The next second, he raised his eyes to look at the water people who had already attacked, he hesitated in his heart, but at the same time, he was also very clear about one thing, that is, if he did not leave now, then he would not have any chance.

With this in mind, he swallowed hard and in the nick of time, he suddenly retreated, flying backwards a dozen metres to keep his distance.

Seeing the sudden retreat of the insect man, the water man panicked, and when he looked down, Han Qianqian had already turned around and was looking at him with a grim smile ……