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His Destined Path Chapter 3444

“I’ll go.”

The Waterman’s heart sank, he knew from the battle that he was now extremely annoyed, and he also knew from Han Qianqian’s smile at that moment that he was now down on his luck.

The retreat of the insect man was a complete double blow to him, both physically and mentally, which not only instantly glutted his advantage, but at the same time, caused the scales to tip wildly down towards Han Sanchi.

It was a bit difficult for him and the tree man, but now he was fighting alone, what were his chances of winning?

But, as things stood, he had no other choice.

“You are an abominable and despicable man, and I will have you killed.” The Waterman shouted in anger, carrying a destructive force straight to him.

He could only turn his grievances and anger into his full strength at this moment, and he was bound to fight Han Qianqian to the death.

Han Qianqian smiled gently, angry is right, not angry is not normal.

But the problem is, sometimes what is the point of just being angry?

Faced with the attack of the watermen pouncing on the sky, Han Qianqian did not feel any panic, on the contrary, he even wanted to laugh a little.

Perhaps it was because Han Qianqian had already completely adapted to this high pressure after facing them always in pairs, and now that he suddenly came to a single person against a single person, it made Han Qianqian feel incomparably comfortable.

“Good, since the insect people have run away, we don’t need the Five Elements Divine Stone to sneak up on them, I’ll put on a show with you.” With those words, Han Qianqian suddenly put away the Five Elemental Divine Stones, followed by his entire body directly carrying the axe and rushing towards the Water Man.

“That Insect Man is really as you expected, although his temper is a bit quick and sometimes a bit brainless, once he thinks seriously, he can still find some clues.”

“Just like just now, he almost guessed that my trial was actually authorized by the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books at all, fortunately you helped me block a few words, otherwise he would have found out that the two of us were united to re-establish order here, and that would have been the end of it.”

Faced with the Water Man’s attack, Han Qianqian did not rush to attack at this time, but simply defended casually, making the Water Man on the side look as if he was really acting.

The most important thing is that Han Qianqian can really move with his body at this time, so he can naturally support the two major defenses within his body, and also naturally do whatever he wants, and carry out his acting to the end.

“You don’t have to talk nonsense, I don’t know you at all, you hateful b*****d, simply D*mn you!” The sailor was furious, and while attacking Han Qianqian frantically, he raised his eyes to look at the retreating insect man, obviously knowing that the b*****d had really been tricked.

Han Qianqian had already confused the insect man, and now this slight praise of him had elevated the insect man to a position where the insect man would naturally believe Han Qianqian’s words even more while satisfying his own mind.

After all, who would admit to being a fool?

“Alright, alright, it’s almost time, I think why don’t we stop performing, nowadays it’s just two against two, plus my helpers we are three against two, it’s enough to exterminate them.”

“What? You are afraid that the tree man is not dead? Hey, you’re just too cautious, how about this, let’s take the tree man’s life while he’s sick.”

With those words, Han Qianqian snapped and flew towards the tree man, and almost as soon as Han Qianqian blocked the water man from flying towards the tree man, the irritated water man followed close behind, bound to stop Han Qianqian.

Han Qianqian was in no hurry to get rid of it and just smiled blandly.

“You betrayed us, I want you to die a horrible death.”

A furious shout came from behind him, and the insects who had retreated away from him came barreling towards the Waterman.

The Waterman had been watching from the outside, and although Han Qianqian had held him up so high that he was inclined to trust him, the four of them had been trapped here for so long that it was hard for the Bugman to make up his mind for a while.

But it wasn’t until Han Qianqian said he was going to attack the tree people and asked the Waterman to go with him that the Bugman made whether the Waterman would follow or not the only criterion.

If Han Qianqian’s words were true, he would definitely go to attack the tree people, and if that were the case, he would not have any old feelings for them and would have to turn his back on them.

And now the Waterman’s behaviour had completely disappointed him.

Han Qianqian smiled softly, he had everything under control, so sometimes he had to lament how much of a drag his teammates could be.

Han Qianqian was going to kill the tree man, so how could the water man not stop him? This is what Han Qianqian expected, but once he stopped him, he was bound to be misunderstood by the insects.

If the insects were so violent, they would have to pay a price in blood.

As he watched the two fight together, Han Qianqian accelerated his speed towards the tree man ……