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His Destined Path Chapter 3446

Han Qianqian glanced at the tree-people and was slightly silent, then let out a long breath and shook his head helplessly, “As you have said, you are all true gods of the Eight Worlds at least, and to put it mildly, you are all some of the ancestors, so how can I kill you?”

“Besides, what would be the use of killing you all? I’m just like you guys killing me, what can I change?”

As soon as Han Qianqian’s words fell, the Tree Man and Water Man looked at each other instead, seemingly pondering the meaning of Han Qianqian’s words as well.

“If you kill me, you still can’t leave this place, and if I kill you, this place still won’t disappear, won’t it?” Han Qianqian’s words fell and he looked at the tree people.

The tree people were silent, how could they not understand this truth? It was just that there were too many times when they could not help themselves in this place.

“You don’t have to cry for mercy here, if you want to kill or be killed you can do it directly.” The insect man didn’t want to talk any more nonsense, and he didn’t want to see Han Qianqian looking so high and mighty, so his temper flared up and he roared.

It was the Water Man who frowned and heard the point of Han Qianqian’s words, and asked with a frown, “Did you just say that you came here to make this place disappear?”

Han Qianqian thought for a moment and asked rhetorically, “To move the twin pools of sun and moon here is considered? If it is considered, then it is.”

The tree man and the water man looked at once, a strong look of puzzlement as well as the slightest hint of fear evident in their eyes.

“Just by you?” Bug Fei said with disdain, “To fight those two monsters from the Sun and Moon Pools? What a joke!”

“I advise you to go back to wherever you came from honestly, some things are not for you to imagine, and even less for you to hold.”

The tree man nodded and looked at Han Qianqian, “Although Lao San is impulsive and speaks without a head, his words this time are not half-bad.”

“If the four of us are barely a problem for you, then any one of the Sun and Moon pools will be a knife around your neck. If you move even slightly, your head will fall to the ground.”

The Water Man also spoke out slightly and said, “For the sake of you not killing our brothers, we are also kind enough to warn you, otherwise, don’t blame us when all hell breaks loose for you.”

Han Qianqian smiled, “I appreciate your kindness, and since Han dares to come here he has no intention of withdrawing.”

“If the four of you really want to thank me for not killing you, I would like a few of you to answer a few questions for me.”

The three of them looked at each other and after exchanging glances, the tree man spoke, “What do you want to ask?”

“You should know what I want to know.”

The tree man gritted his teeth, “Okay, from here to the west about half a day’s journey, you will reach the Moon Pool, which has two gods standing in it, one black and one white among these two gods, which is very strange.”

“If you are really capable of defeating the Moon God, the waters of the Moon Pool will re-gather, and then you will only need to follow the waters of the Moon Pool and you will reach the Sun Pool in about a day.”

“As for the Sun Pool, we don’t know anything more than that there is a great god there. For we can only exist in the territory of the Moonpool most of the time.”

As the tree man spoke, the water man also spoke softly, “On the way to the Sun and Moon pools, not to mention what the Sun pool will be like, just the Moon pool we know there are ten other places where the unjust spirits are located on the way, to say that we have to go through thorns and briers is an exaggeration, nine deaths would be the most appropriate.”

“In the Sun and Moon Pools, yin and yang are reversed, the Moon Pool is yang while the Sun Pool is yin, in this place where grievances gather, those who are yin are already more fierce, and if it is still the case that yin and yang are reversed, yin to the extreme, then the fierceness is even more unimaginable.”

During the discussion with Qinglong, Han Qianqian understood that many Daoists in the art of Yin and Yang, or some demons, would adopt this technique of reversing Yin and Yang when they wanted to absorb Yin.

This would allow the yin energy to reach its peak.

Therefore, Han Qianqian knew that this statement of the Water Man was not alarming, but true.

“Understood.” With these words, Han Qianqian slightly arched his hand, then with a movement in his hand, he immediately separated the Evil Taotie and the Stone Man, who were still fighting in a naive way up to this point, and took the Evil Taotie with him to head west.

“Wait a minute.” The tree man suddenly spoke out, and when he saw Han Qianqian turn around, he set his gaze on the water man.