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His Destined Path Chapter 3445

After struggling, the fire on the tree man’s body had been extinguished, but after the fire, it was obvious that the tree man was very tired.

Han Qianqian stopped himself, but did not attack, instead he placed his axe gently on his shoulder and looked at the tree man, smiling leisurely: “Still fighting?”

The tree man looked up and saw that the stone man was trapped by the beast, while the water man and the insect man were fighting.

If the fight goes on like this, they will both lose!

At the moment, he was facing Han Qianqian with a wounded face, and he still had the Five Elements Divine Stone in his hand, which made the tree man hardly see any hope of winning.

On the contrary, as time went on, as the two were defeated, they would be completely broken up by Han Qianqian, and thus disintegrated.

Han Qianqian was in no hurry to attack himself at this point, and it was clear that for him, too, he was confident in the battle.


With a movement in his hand, Han Qianqian urged the Five Elements Divine Stone in his hand, and a wave of water energy then instantly ran directly into the tree man’s body.

With the help of the tremendous water energy, the flames on the tree man’s body instantly extinguished more, and with a slight shock, the tree man raised his eyes and looked at Han Qianqian, seeing him with a smile on his face, the tree man understood.

He straightened up slightly and shouted towards the distance, “Enough, stop it.”

When he saw that the two were still fighting, the tree man finally couldn’t stand it any longer, and when he moved his hand, several branches went straight towards the two.

“Big brother, this guy ……” Insectman said sharply, trying to identify.

Although Waterman did not say anything, but his eyes were clearly already full of dissatisfaction with Bugman, it was this Bugman’s lack of intelligence that had caused them to confuse themselves in front of the enemy, a real disgrace.

The tree man waved his hand, reappearing in his tired and somewhat distressed form: “Enough, no need to say more, we have lost.”

“If it wasn’t for this traitor, the four brothers and I would have been able to kill God with our combined efforts, and the souls who have died under our swords over the years are the best proof. Big brother, we must kill this traitor in pieces, to relieve the hatred in our hearts.” The Insect Man pointed at the Water Man and cursed angrily, very emotional.

The Waterman was also angry, but did not make a sound, because the Tree Man was obviously not a low IQ thing like the Bug Man, he naturally knew what was right and what was wrong.

Unlike the confused b*****d in front of him!

“He’s not a traitor.” The tree man was speechless too.

But we had all been together for many years, and he knew the personality of the Bugman very well, and he could only say that this guy in front of him was worthy of someone who could come out of the Lingering Tower, and his powers of observation as well as his intelligence did have that kind of qualification.

He was able to quickly gain insight into some of the personalities and flaws of his four men, and at the same time quickly exploit these flaws to create conflicts.

In order to make their numerical advantage suddenly turn into a disadvantage.

It was as if the four of them were originally the four plates of an iron barrel, but after Han Qianqian saw the shortest plate and drew it off, the barrel was naturally no longer a barrel for them.

“He’s using a trick to lure you in.” The tree man glanced helplessly at the insect man, “And what was obvious was that you believed him.”

“What?” The insect-man froze, and then reflected in a flash, angrily pointing at Han Qianqian, “You dare to lie to me, I’ll behead you b*****d.”

“I told you, we lost.” The tree man roared in anger, and several tree trunks directly knocked down the insect man who was about to charge at Han Qianqian.

“Don’t you get it? During the melee between you and Lao Er, he could have taken advantage of my sickness to kill me, and afterwards, he could have taken advantage of the two of you, and in the end, he would have pinned Lao Er with his monster, and I ask you, are you still qualified to shout here?”

The insect man was silent, stunned in place at this point, at a loss for words.

“We only live once, if you have any more disobedience, you have lost.” The tree man’s words fell, followed by a look at Han Qianqian, saying, “Why don’t you kill us? What exactly do you want?”