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His Destined Path Chapter 3449

But these words were obviously lost on Han Qianqian, who, with the Taotie of Evil, cut through the jungle and made his way west.

And at that moment in the sky, looking above the jungle, the white qi below them had dispersed by a fraction, and two voices laughed out almost simultaneously.

“That’s what I like about this kid, smart enough.” The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books laughed softly.

The old man sweeping the ground nodded, “Having absolute ability but not using force to oppress others is a rare quality, and at the same time, widening one’s path.”

“Sometimes high pressure can be a good thing, but long term high pressure will inevitably lead to an outbreak, this is the way of a ruler and the way of walking, Han Qianqian understands this, and this has saved him a lot of trouble.”

“Those four people are all made of unjust spirits, if he were to go on a killing spree, he would instead make this group of grievous spirits madly recoil, with benevolence and righteousness as the first priority, he can not only convince others while at the same time, but also make others’ hostility fade away, not only did they not give him a hard time, but even intentionally helped him.”

The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books smiled, “Not bad, however, not all of them will be probationed, these four are only at the very edge and their hostility is not the deepest, if we go deeper into them, the power of those unjust spirits will become more and more powerful, and the hostility will naturally become heavier and heavier, when the time comes, it is not up to this guy to make any tricks.”

The old man sweeping the ground smiled, “That is not a bad thing, after all, the purpose of this trip we still have to achieve.”

“Yes, let’s see, he has exceeded expectations in moving forward anyway, and is still satisfied so far.”

With those words, the two figures disappeared into the air once more.

Above the ground, Han Qianqian continued his journey westwards with the Taotie of Evil.

Although the previous encounter was indeed dangerous and frightening, the good thing was that not only did it not consume too much of Han Qianqian’s energy, but it also gave Han Qianqian a lot of experience in the jungle.

Now, Han Qianqian is intentionally observing his surroundings all the way through, and it is unlikely that the situation of being followed for a long time like before will ever happen again.

Moreover, having this letter of understanding gave Han Qianqian a lot of confidence and relaxation, to be honest.

The journey west was another few hours, with one man and one beast walking through the forest, crossing rivers, and in his spare time, Han Qianqian would catch some creatures from the jungle for the evil Taotie to eat, and then continue on his way.

As the rivers around him grew wider and wider, Han Qianqian knew that he should be getting closer to the so-called Moon Pool.

After all, the so-called big pond would have multiple rivers converging to form a pond with sufficient water.

The closer he got, the more Han Qianqian could feel an extremely oppressive force and aura coming from the west, and Han Qianqian felt a little panic in his heart.

Not only was the aura powerful, but more importantly, the four tree brothers had once said that there were ten more unjust spirits down to the west, which Han Qianqian remembered very clearly and had been on guard all the way.

But unfortunately, the journey was so smooth that Han Qianqian would have thought he was taking the Evil Taotie on holiday if the road had not been a little more difficult.

But it was so calm all the way here that it started to look weird and stressful for Han Qianqian.

There were already twin gods in the moon pool, and those ten things hadn’t shown up, so they couldn’t be in the pool too, could they? If that was the case, that group would add up to twelve.

Although they were all unjust spirits and not real gods, after all, a thin camel is bigger than a horse, and Han Qianqian was alone, so if he met them, it would really be ……

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re getting into.

The last of the mountains in front of him, Han Qianqian went over the edge of the moon pool.

When he looked down, there was a clear view in front of him.

A huge moon-shaped pool of water lay ahead of him, with dozens of rivers rushing in from all around to join it.

The water was so wide that it was almost endless, surrounded by jungle with low hills that together forged this quiet yet wide moon pool.

“It’s really f*cking here.”

Han Qianqian was quite desperate, he had arrived at his destination and the ten goods really hadn’t appeared, as if the worst had been laid out on the table.

Looking at the calm but hintingly deep water, Han Qianqian suddenly stood up and did something maddening ……