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His Destined Path Chapter 3450

I saw Han Qianqian standing at the top of the mountain, slightly rising, facing the pool of water, inhaling and gathering his breath.

Then ……

“Holy sh*t, come out here, you f*cking guys. What kind of heroic souls are you cowering?”

A roar that broke through the air and moved for miles, until the whole waterhole echoed with his echo ……

“O soul, O soul ……”

Han Qianqian’s face was slightly cold as he looked around the water pool, which was still silent and unmoving.

This is Han Qianqian’s last chance, before drawing out the twin monsters of the water pool, must do these ten “minions” in advance.

Otherwise, Han Qianqian didn’t think he could afford it.

“D*mn it, not coming out?” Han Qianqian glanced at the Evil Taotie in frustration.

The Evil Taotie let out a faint whisper, not knowing exactly what it meant, but its single eye was looking towards the pool of water below.

Han Qianqian looked down at it with a depressed look on his face, what did it mean?

Suddenly, something seemed to have occurred to Han Qianqian’s mind.

“What you mean is, let’s go down and make a mess? Pull something bigger out of the water?”

The Taotie of Evil nodded.

Han Qianqian was stunned, but that was really the idea, but when you think about it, it’s a good idea. In the old days, there was Nezha, but now I’m Han Qianqian, so it’s a tribute.

With a sudden movement of his hands, eight golden bodies emerged and flew directly to the surface of the water with a fierce bang.

As the seven golden bodies entered the water, one main body hovered overhead. As the main body moved, the seven golden bodies began to stir in the water like stone statues with motors installed.

At the same time, Han Qianqian’s hands were not idle either, gathering several energies and blasting them at the surface of the water.

At that moment, the water below the surface was surging, and above the surface were layers of explosions.


A low roar, I don’t know if it was because he was not willing to be lonely, or was really attracted by the “wonderful” water surface, the Evil Taotie also moved his body, the next second a fierce dive directly into the water.


The waves splashed all over the place!

Water is the source of life, so when one is in a situation where there is no danger, one seems to be able to find some happiness very quickly.

Just like Han Qianqian and the Evil Taotie, they were originally “frying fish” to make a commotion, but as the frying went on, the “fish” did not come out, but one person and one beast played.

A wave on your side, a whirlpool on the other side, a lunge on your side, a bomb on the other side, a time of fun, the whole pool of water also in this case, like a raging sea, a wave after a wave.

However, while the two of them were having fun, they did not pay any attention to the fact that a circle of water was spinning strangely above the surface of the waves.

The circle of water was spreading rapidly in a two-way flow, from about the size of a fist to a giant circle of water with a radius of more than ten metres.

However, its texture was so light that it was not obvious amidst the huge waves raised by Han Qianji and the Evil Taotie.



When the loud sound began to completely cover Han Qianqian’s side of the bombardment, at this time, one person and one beast suddenly stop, turn your eyes to look, I do not know when, that huge circle of water has grown nearly a hundred meters in diameter, almost occupying a huge place, the water flow between the two directions of rotation, driven by the entire pool of water in the formation of two cross-flowing trend.

If someone were to look at the surface of the pool from above, they would certainly find that the pool was centred on the huge water circle, and the two streams of water were rotating, hardening the moon pool into a gossip situation.

Han Qianqian and the piercing beetle were dumbfounded, frozen in place for a while, their eyes staring intently at the huge circle of water at this moment.


As the water flowed faster and faster between the two poles, the flow of the water circle was also moving at a rapid pace, and after a loud sound, a huge whirlpool began to appear, whirlpooling all the way down to the entire underwater ground.

The ground was almost clear to the naked eye at this point, but the vortex was still piercing through the ground.

And something, too, slowly rose from the very centre of the vortex ……