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His Destined Path Chapter 3458

“Bang, bang, bang!”

Almost at the moment when Han Qianqian was dazed, while the ten people were transforming into hundreds of phantoms, hundreds of huge arms as thick as water snakes suddenly stretched out from the water surface, directly binding Han Qianqian’s eight golden bodies and thirty-two limbs to death.

Immediately afterwards, there was a huge explosion in the water surface, and a huge water dragon with a diameter of several meters burst out from the bottom of the water, opening its huge mouth and roaring out directly on the spot.


Its power was so huge and its body so big that it ran towards Han Qianqian’s most central golden body.

The two were only a few metres apart, and Han Qianqian could feel the heaven-destroying momentum this creature carried.

At that moment, he didn’t dare to be careless at all, so he put his hands together and aimed his head directly at the creature.


The two met!


The water in the pond was blown away to a depth of more than five metres, sending up huge waves!


The eight golden bodies retreated backwards almost half a metre at the same time. Even as strong as Han Qianqian was, he was completely overwhelmed by the impact of the huge water dragon.

“It’s grievance Qi!”

Han Qianqian’s brows locked.

Although the water dragon attack appeared to be water, what was hidden within this water dragon was an incomparably huge amount of energy.

As he raised his eyes, Han Qianqian could also see that the sky was thick with gloomy clouds, and a lot of weird black qi was also coming straight up from the jungle, after which it gathered on this side of the water pool.

As the ten figures first appeared, the black qi was entering their bodies in a steady stream and was being channeled through their hands into the water dragon’s body.

The ground around the water pool was also flying with sand and stones, and layers of black Qi were also coming from the ground in a frenzy, blowing Han Qianqian in the wind.

“These guys!” Han Qianqian gnashed his teeth.

This jungle was extremely heavy with grievances, and these guys relied on these things to basically make a constant stream. If one did not have strong internal strength, not to mention trying to fight it all the time, even if one wanted to stand up to it for two more times, it was just a fool’s errand.

“It’s a pity that it’s me you’ve met.” Han Qianqian’s eyes flashed with a hint of coldness, and in the next second, the energy within his body was also wildly released, directly through his hands, fiercely striking out.


The energy within Han Qianqian’s body directly exploded, and as the black gas and golden light scattered, a huge force also violently pushed the water dragon in front of him back half a metre!

Seeing such a situation, the ten men looked at each other, then smiled at each other, and with one simultaneous push, the water dragon stopped retreating and pressed down wildly on Han Qianqian, causing the momentum Han Qianqian had just gained to completely shatter in the blink of an eye.


Han Qianqian was annoyed, this group of guys relying on these grievances was simply bullying people. And those grievances, Han Qianqian had seen them with his own eyes, so many that they could accumulate into clouds above.

“b*****ds, you guys can use it, but I can’t?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Han Qianqian shouted angrily, “Earth Fire!”


The Fire of the Earth instantly rose and burned directly from the ground at the bottom of the pool, although the water was too deep to cause any substantial damage to the ten people on the water, the Fire of the Earth was never a means of attack for Han Qianqian.

It was more of an auxiliary means to help himself gain energy.

D*mn it, aren’t you dogs of high cultivation and sufficient Qi?

That’s the best thing to do, suck up all the energy at once.

With the support of the Earth Fire as an energy source, and the fact that Han Qianqian had already absorbed a lot of energy with the Dragon Heart in order to force the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books to show themselves, the two combined their efforts, although not so much that Han Qianqian could turn defeat into victory, at least the declining trend of being pushed back began to be infinitely reduced.

From a certain point of view, the two sides were, at least for the moment, completely evenly matched.

Seeing this, Han Qianqian’s face finally let out a long breath as he clenched his teeth.

The ten people on the other side of the table also looked down slightly at the surface of the water. Although the earth fire was hardly harmful, how could the ten people not notice it given their status?

They looked at each other, they ten people slightly surprised, but are looking at each other mysteriously smiled ……