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His Destined Path Chapter 3459

“Who the hell is this guy?”

“At such a young age, he still has quite a lot of strange tricks up his sleeve.”

“I can believe that he is a new generation of True God, after all, this guy may not seem to be a True God, but he has a God’s bloodline inside him, so it seems that no matter how you say it, he can be related to a True God.”

“But on the contrary, when you say that he is a god, he possesses a demonic aura within his body, and it’s not even that simple kind of demonic aura, the purity he possesses is more than enough for you to call him even a little demon king.”

“God and Devil Community? Some interesting!”

After the ten men finished speaking, they laughed again, and Liang Han even shook his head, “This guy can still have a way to absorb our resentment Qi, isn’t that even more interesting?”

Hearing Liang Han’s words, the group of people laughed again.

“There are still thunder dragons hidden in the sky at all times, haha, this kid, it’s so interesting.”

“I also found that I am starting to like this kid, if the old man was still alive and well, I would really like to take this kid as my disciple!”

“Haha, what qualifications do you have to be his master? Do you think we all don’t want to? The question is whether we are qualified enough.”

The crowd laughed again, at which point Liang Han then slightly collected his voice and shook his head, “It seems that everyone is in a good mood. This should be the first time we’ve been so happy in so many untold years, right?”

“Yes, we’ve been suppressed here for many years, normally we’d be begging our fathers and grandmothers even if we weren’t angry, not to mention happy.

“I thought I would have to live like this for a long time, and I thought that the promise I made back then was just a hope that seemed impossible in the midst of despair, but who knew that this hope would really become a hope.”

After someone interjected, the crowd also nodded their heads, clearly affirming his words.

Liang Han smiled and nodded, “In that case, everyone has no opinion? Also determined is it?”

“Could it be, is there a better option? We’ve been here for how many years, only seeing unjust souls enter is not seeing the living come, this is so easy for a living person to come, I had actually identified him originally.”

“Drowning for years, suddenly see a floating object floating on the water, regardless of whether it is a plank or a straw, grab it and go on.”

“I also agree with this view, and, looking at this young man now, it always makes me feel that he looks like gra*s but is actually a plank, an immense plank, big enough to put us all ashore.”

Liang Han nodded, then set his gaze on the group of crab spirits from earlier, “What about you guys?”

The crab spirit let out a bitter laugh, “I’m even without my crab pincers now, so who am I to say no? Now, compared to you guys, I am the one who is drowned deeper, so when it comes to climbing to shore, I am more anxious than all of you. I have no problem with that.”

“When people are holding the Pancreatic Axe, carrying the Taotie of Evil, the Blood of the Gods, the Body of the Devil, and all kinds of strange tricks, I would like to say no, but does reality allow it?”

“I have no problem with that either.”

Seeing that this group of people who had opposed the most vehemently just now had also changed their attitudes one by one at this time, although this was within Liang Han’s expectations, the whole group was still exceptionally happy to hear them commit themselves.

Liang Han nodded, “Then in that case, we have played what we should play and tested what we should test, so it’s time to do some business.”

The remaining nine people all nodded at his words.

“Whether we lose or win, it’s time and fate to do so again.”

“We’ve had enough of being here anyway, even if we lose, so be it, there’s nothing to hold on to.”

As soon as the words left their mouths, all ten of them smiled, followed by a slap in their respective hands, apparently tapping out all the energy in their bodies directly in one breath.

Suddenly, the heavens and the earth changed colour and the mad wind roared!

Faced with this terrifying force, even as strong as Han Qianqian was completely panicked at this moment, he hurriedly tried to use all his strength to block it, but as soon as it came into contact, Han Qianqian was completely stunned.

He looked at the ten people unimaginably, how could …… how could this happen?

“Seniors, you are ……”