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His Destined Path Chapter 3462

When Liang Han finished speaking, the other nine people also laughed, but this kind of laugh was very happy, nothing else.

Han Qianqian was stunned, he had come to his senses, but it was obvious that it was difficult to accept such an outcome for a while.

But in this instant, Liang Han had already moved his hand, and an energy slap directly at Han Qianqian’s knee, causing the unsuspecting Han Qianqian to kneel down at once.

At this moment, one of the ten men flew to the centre of the pool and let out a soft cry, “Watch out, this is my lifelong technique, Falling Rain Divine Transformation.”

“Draw in energy and gather the points of the whole body, turn all the power into a single point, use the tail finger to send out instantly, then all the qi can be combined into one force, naturally, it can break a thousand even.”

“I am the art of Kanri, invoking the power of breaking the guts, killing in all directions, sacrificing my body for righteousness in every move, until I die, I will not rest!”

With the first move of the body spanning a thousand, brilliantly, the other one also quickly complemented in unison, the art of Kanri was almost as its name implies, breaking the sun through the sky and showing its overwhelming power.

Han Qianqian murmured and knelt on the ground, looking at the two men as if they were dragons walking, and as if they were gods of the heavens, the whole person was simply in awe.

Even these old men, who had no body left, could still do their own tricks when they were really needed.

“Don’t just watch, you have to remember.”

Seeing that Han Qianqian’s side was already looking at it with rapt attention, Liang Han smiled faintly and reminded him appropriately.

Han Qianqian didn’t say a word, such an astonishing performance certainly made people cry out in horror, but Han Qianqian, apart from being horrible, naturally did his best to learn because he knew how horrible it was.

These were things that Han Qianqian basically did not dare to say that he remembered every drop, but at least he was clear about them.

Faced with Liang Han’s kind reminder, all Han Qianqian could do was to respond with a faint smile.

“They wanted to do it a second time too, but unfortunately, there was no strength left, so it’s something you can only rely on yourself.” Liang Han smiled.

Han Qianqian froze and looked at Liang Han with some confusion, but he just smiled very blandly, and at that moment, the third person had also rushed out.

It was the crab who had lost his pincers.

He didn’t rush to perform his stunt, instead, he looked at Han Qianqian first and laughed, “You’ve knocked my crab pincers out, remember to burn to compensate me for the old man in the future, don’t try to renege on your debt.”

A sentence fell, he softly disdainful laugh: “Look carefully.”

As the words fell, this one flew straight up into the clouds, and the next second, with the momentum of thunder, like a depth charge, he blasted down on the spot.

“The world is one.”

“How about that?”

Han Qianqian couldn’t help but nod, this move was indeed very domineering, somewhat similar to the Rulai God’s Palm that he knew back on Earth, thus falling from the sky and drawing down his own power with the power of thunder, the only difference was that the Rulai God’s Palm came down with the wind in his palm.

The only difference was that the Rulai Divine Palm came down with the wind of the palm. This guy’s, however, had made his entire body become one, so it was naturally extraordinary.

“Interesting.” Han Qianqian nodded gently.

“Then watch all of the Basic Practice, and listen to the secret art mantra as well.”

His movements were so strange and bizarre that Han Qianqian himself couldn’t help but stand up and follow his movements, repeating what he had said and practicing it in an orderly manner.

The remaining nine men looked at each other and all laughed softly.

“He’s even smarter than we thought, and has a very good memory.” Someone laughed.

Liang Han nodded, “That’s the best, I was worried earlier that this guy would always miss something, but now that it’s like this, it’s a relief.”

“How about giving him some more?” The man continued to laugh.

Hearing this, Liang Han frowned, “Is that necessary?”

“What’s the point of keeping it, is it something that can be taken into the coffin or what? It’s better to give it to him, as the saying goes.” The man asked.

Liang Han thought for a moment, but it seemed to make sense, and suddenly smiled, “Then give him something to eat.”