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His Destined Path Chapter 3463

“As you said, we can’t take these things with us, although he may not be able to have that ability, but in case he suddenly becomes enlightened one day, it will be a great help to him, and to us, it will be a kind of comfort.”

With those words, Liang Han nodded at a few people next to him, and in a flash, the three of them flew straight past.

“It’s our turn.”

Those three shouted softly, taking over the job of the crab man that had just ended, and continued to start displaying the stunts that belonged to each of them.

Although at this time, in their hands, the divine techniques that had destroyed heaven and earth in the past were almost only skin deep, lacking the core energy and losing their souls, they were after all once their best divine techniques, and when they taught them to Han Qianqian, they could still pa*s on the essence of them.

Han Qianqian’s comprehension was also quite amazing, and although at one point he was a little dazzled by what he was reading, and the large area of high level teachings came in like a tidal wave and messed up his thoughts, he was still able to steady his mind and sort out and digest it piece by piece as quickly as he could.

In fact, Han Qianqian had always known that he was very clever, but he was by no means blindly confident, so when faced with the teachings of the Ten True Gods, to say that he was not worried about not being able to remember all the moves was complete and pure bragging.

After all, although they were extremely attentive in their teaching, and were able to explain the essence so that Han Qianqian could comprehend it more quickly, after all, it was a True God technique, and the complexity of its techniques was far from ordinary.

But the strange thing is that, for some reason, as Han Qianqian learns more and more, not only does he not have any trouble remembering, even the basic nervousness of a beginner does not exist, but ……

The only thing that makes him feel a little scary is that he is now not only becoming very calm, but also, his body seems to be strangely familiar with those movements.

That feeling is as if something that he had forgotten for a long time had suddenly been awakened by something and then subconsciously came out automatically.

But these things were clearly created by these great gods themselves, relying on their different physiques, different gong methods and different experiences to create special divine techniques that were completely different from anyone else.

Han Qianqian, not to mention subconsciously knowing them, had never even seen them normally.

After all, there was a huge time difference between them.

Not only was Han Qianqian wondering, but even Liang Han was tightly frowning at this moment.

As a True God, and a leading figure even among the ten True Gods, how could he not see the abnormality of Han Qianqian at this moment?

He had already sensed that something was wrong when he had taken on three people in a row, so he had sent two more people straight away.

Now Han Qianqian was facing a whole group of five people.

Even if Han Qianqian was smart, even if he had the ability to forget everything, it would be impossible for him to complete all the movements at the same time when five people were teaching him.

He looked suspiciously at the man next to him who had just spoken to him, his whole being filled with puzzlement.

That man was also, like him, the only one who had not yet made a move.

That man was also confused and asked, “He seems to know these divine techniques.”

With a word that almost spoke to Liang Han’s heart, he nodded heavily, “That’s right, but these things, not to mention that he and we are only meeting for the first time, even if you and I and the others have been friends for so many years, we only know how each other’s general divine skills are, and never can be like him like this, seemingly extremely skilled.”

The man also nodded, “This matter is indeed strange, no matter which way you look at it, it makes no sense that he would have learned this.”

“However, it’s not a bad thing, at least the addition later on might really be like my joke just now, something unexpected and surprising might happen.”

Hearing this, Liang Han’s whole body obviously froze for a moment, but in the next second, he suddenly also thought about it, and tapped the man’s shoulder, and immediately laughed out loud: “f*ck, why did I get confused for a moment and didn’t think of this?”

“sh*t, I was going to say I’d wait until the ten of us had finished teaching before adding more material, but now it seems, what the f*ck am I waiting for?”