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His Destined Path Chapter 3467

Liang Han and the others were instantly shocked, and a group of people’s eyes all went wide, obviously having difficulty accepting such a reality for a while.

How could this be possible? What they were teaching now was far from what they had just taught, and it was understandable that Han Qianqian had learnt quickly.

But now, what they were teaching was beyond their comprehension, and Han Qianqian was only the one being taught, so how could he have learned it after hearing it once?

But if one observes the series of changes around Han Qianqian’s body at this moment, one has to think carefully and find this to be the most appropriate explanation!

The energy around him including the expression on his face, everything was indicating that this really seemed to be the case.


Under the uproar, both Liang Han and the man beside him could not help but be weak on their feet, their faces cold.

They couldn’t understand why something they had spent their entire lives unable to even comprehend half of, but how Han Qianqian was able to not only understand it just by listening to it once, but also cultivate it straight away incomparably smoothly.

At the same time, the two of them sighed with regret, lamenting that, as they had said earlier, everything in this world had a destiny, and Han Qianqian was the best answer to the secrets in their hearts that they could not break, but they were just pa*sing through after all.

“Just like in this eight-sided world, perhaps, all our ascension to the top was just to pave the way for his appearance now.” The man shook his head with a bitter smile.

Liang Han faintly stared, thought carefully, shook his head helplessly and said, “Perhaps you are right.”

As the words fell, he raised his eyes and looked down at Han Qianqian, who was currently keeping his eyes tightly shut. Suddenly, Liang Han smiled, “Then, since it is fate, let’s follow fate’s arrangement.”

As the words fell, he hurriedly exited and continued to recite the second half of the method in his head to Han Qianqian.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone else, although Han Qianqian did not open his eyes, as Liang Han went on, the green light on Han Qianqian’s body tended to become more and more ma*sive, making him seem to be in a green cloud, indistinct.

And the two silver chains around him were also becoming more and more silvery and shiny, and the strange runic marks on them were frantically becoming more divine and jagged.

“He …… he really is learning, my God, I …… we actually met …… met what people? ”

“Yes, we who have lived for an unknown number of years, during this period of strange people what we have not seen? This unforgettable person or this genius also, we dare not say that there are as many as a cow’s hair, but at least is also numerous, but what kind of genius can genius to such a step? It’s fine to teach him what we know once, but the point is, how can he understand what we can’t even understand?”

“In my opinion, he is clearly not a genius.” Someone looked at Han Qianqian and said with a frown.

When these words came out, the crowd nodded their heads, but one person didn’t quite understand what this meant. After all, if Han Qianqian’s skills were not considered a genius, then who else in the world could be called a genius?

Seeing that he didn’t understand, the person next to him smiled, “A genius is always a genius, that has a ceiling, doesn’t it?”

He nodded, this was indeed true: “Not bad.”

“But Han Qianqian, a genius, can be said to have completely broken through the upper limit of this kind of genius right now, do you admit that again?”

The man still nodded.

“Isn’t that right, since he can break through this upper limit, this is enough to show that he’s not a genius at all.” The person next to him laughed.

After asking for half a day, it seemed like a lonely question, but once he tasted it, it seemed like he had answered something, and the man’s brain was in a complete state of dumbfoundedness: “Can you make it clearer? It’s good that you don’t answer, but if you do, you’re confusing me.”

The man next to him laughed and did not say anything.

It was the person on the other side of him who gave a bitter laugh and slowly stood up, “Han Qianqian is not a genius, there is only one reason why he was able to understand it as soon as he heard it.”

“That is that …… this guy simply knows them!”