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His Destined Path Chapter 3468

It simply will!

Just four simple words, seemingly impermanent, but like a heavy hammer hit the tip of the man’s heart so hard that his heart stopped, his blood stayed, and his breathing was gradually forgotten.

Almost every one of them, they have their own hard-won but exhausted their lives and can not drill or ancient divine techniques, or mysterious methods, but in any case, each of them is in the timeline of not knowing how many years ago from today.

Naturally, the things they have obtained will only be older than the age they themselves are in.

So, this is a clear timeline, and a logical one.

But now, this timeline and logical line started to suddenly twist, and there was a person who was born not many years after them, but suddenly knew these divine techniques and spells that were even older than them.

Isn’t this just too much of a stretch?!

“He’s just a young man.” He murmured and his body involuntarily stood up, looking at Han Qianqian incredulously, “How could he have originally known.”

“And what if it’s reincarnation.” The man who made the explanation just now laughed.

“Reincarnation?” The man froze, suddenly understood what he meant by that, and frowned: “You mean that this young man in front of you, most likely …… is the reincarnation of a certain ancient god.”

“I do not rule out this possibility, do you remember when he just fought us, what color was his breath when he was lucky?”

The man recalled briefly, this question is not difficult to answer: “There is a dense black magic Qi, but among the magic Qi ……”

It was golden qi!

“That means ……” The man fiercely stared at Han Qianqian stared more closely: “This guy ……”

“That’s right.” The person next to him nodded heavily: “He has golden qi, there is still divine blood in his body, but the two breaths are not necessarily right, so these are indicating that perhaps a certain great god reincarnation is likely to be nothing more than a small test, I suspect ……”

“You suspect that he is more like a convergence of some great god.”

“You could also say that, or call him, the Chosen One.”

“Of course, this Chosen One is not a certain stage at the moment, but ……”

The man also frowned intensely and caught the words of the man next to him, “but the only Chosen One among the Chosen Sons from a long, long time ago to the present day, and even far into the future.”

Yes, this was the only explanation that could explain why Han Qianqian’s body was so peculiar, and even beneath the peculiar surface lay the secret of a divine technique spell that would be even older since.

“If that’s the case, then I’m afraid that his appearance also means that this world, too, is about to change its face.”

The eight people nodded their heads in unison.

The heavens have arranged for the appearance of such a masterpiece, then it obviously means that there is bound to be a big event in this world, just, this big event, and what kind of big event is it?

Perhaps, change of face is the only best word to describe it.

“I think, it may not be so simple.”

Just at this moment, that crab man but stood out.

When this statement was made, a group of people looked at him with some confusion.

This is already the most reasonable explanation, they really do not understand, the crab man can have any other explanation.

“Ancient Great God is also always ancient, you should not forget one thing, his side followed by but who.” The crab man coldly grunted.

The Taotie of Evil!

“That’s right, that is the ancient legendary fierce beast, remember this key point, ancient!”

When the words fell, a group of people also dumbfounded.

Yes, a far ancient, an ancient, the gap between the years is not a little bit and a half.

Although the ancient times for their gang has indeed been very far, but corresponding to those ancient legends of things, obviously still tender.

Since this is the case, an ancient one following an ancient one, it still seems to make some sense.

“I suspect that …… he may be the reincarnation of some great god from the past.”

“Or perhaps, according to your so-called Chosen One, to pull this time difference even further back.”

“It is highly likely that he …… is a heavily chosen one that this world has been breeding between heaven and earth from the very beginning of its birth.”

Hearing this, there was no objection from anyone, instead all of them were seriously thinking about this possibility.

But such a possibility, but there is a question: “If so, what is the meaning of his existence in this world? Or what is the purpose of the heaven and earth to nurture it from the beginning of the world’s birth?”

Hearing this question, the crab man laughed ……