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His Destined Path Chapter 3488



“This ……”

But just as the two accelerated between the two rushed to attack, the white light plus the runic chains also fiercely affixed into the front of the two.

There was not the slightest explosion between the two, not even the slightest vicious fight, just in front of him and the two about half a meter away, white light burst between the two rune chains suddenly separated, followed by all kinds of strange runes to form a square formation!

Once the square formation, the runes in series with each other, the array of green light, the mercury and water pearl two, is suddenly in the air and stop, hard in the runes before the square wall of half a meter, no longer able to move in and out of the slightest.

“How? How can this be?” The mercury silver man was obviously shocked, how could he expect that his own so strong attack, but will not only not hurt Han Qianqian a little, but himself will be in a dilemma at this point.

The water bead man is also a bit alarmed, he tried to struggle, but found himself as if he could not be controlled by himself, tightly sucked by the strange symbolic seal square formation in front of him.

“What a strange spell.” The mercury man glanced at the water bead man.

Water Pearl Man also nodded: “This kid is really evil, we can’t keep him.”

After the words, the two seemed to reach some kind of consensus, and suddenly, a strong light emanated from their bodies, and before Han Qianqian could see it, he already had a chill in his heart.

“Oh no.”

Sure enough, the words just fell between, only to see two people’s body each drop of water to, after that, the two drops of water has been quickly towards Han Qianqian attack.

This is another f*cking move, Han Qianqian is really angry, but in the face of such an attack, he has not the slightest way, can only impose the defense, let others slaughter.


Sure enough, with a loud sound, Han Qianqian’s entire body was directly hit into a ninety-degree bend, followed by a heavy backward flight of nearly several dozen meters.


The wall burst into pieces, and Han Qianqian’s entire body was half embedded in the hard wall.

“Ah ……”

Han Qianqian spat out a breath with difficulty, he only felt that the whole person is almost already ruined, intense pain throughout the whole body, the ferocious impact has already made him blood flowing down the mouth!

Without the support of Han three thousand energy, over there, the art of the Emperor suddenly lost its spirituality, the talismanic seal collapsed, turning into light smoke and scattered with the wind.

The mercury man and the water bead man reincarnated in human form, looking at Han Qianqian completely embedded in the wall, both of them can not help but sneer.

They were very clear about the hardness of the Moon Palace building.

“The wall of the Moon Palace is made of the hardest cold stone in the lake, everything is hard to destroy, with your body but you can crash the wall of cold stone into such and such, I have to say, young man, the body is just not ordinary ah.” The mercury man laughed.

The water pearl person also snorted coldly and said, “Humph, so what can be done? Not to mention that this kid is not a true god at all now, let alone having a true god’s body, even if he did, crashing like this, what’s the difference between him and a waste?”

Hearing this, the mercury man also nodded softly, “Pity, pity, it’s a good seedling, but it met us by chance.”


The two men laughed wildly, unrestrainedly.

Han Qianqian clenched his teeth, anger from the heart, but the helplessness is, this collision, as the two of them said, the body is almost falling apart, not to mention want to get up to fight them, even just to move, that is difficult.

“Tsk, poor, poor, will die when there are still some unnecessary struggle, really let people hear the sad, see the tears ah.”

“But unfortunately, the two of us are never good, on the contrary, hey, we like to see the desperate, helpless, pitiful struggle before death!”

The water bead man let out a mockery, glanced at the mercury man next to him, the two looked at each other and smiled, then slowly walked towards Han Qianqian.

To them, Han Qianqian is the chicken that has been tied to death, just waiting for them to go over and give him the final cut on the throat.

But just as they were about to approach Han Qianqian, the sound of footsteps rang out faintly throughout the palace ……

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“Da da da da ……”

The mercury man and the water bead man can’t help but look back ……