His Destined Path Chapter 3487

Burst of light, Han three thousand two rune marks lock body, huge qi even let at this time his clothes are crazy windless automatic.

Two water people look at each other, a time can not help but serious up.

From the situation of Han Qianqian at this time, they are not quite sure what Han Qianqian actually used, but as a fighter among the true gods, years of experience and intuition can clearly tell them that this method is not simple.

Thinking of this, the two slightly spread out their bodies, not only to ensure the attraction of scattering, but also in the siege of the attack, at the same time, the two also have water flowing wildly in their hands, seems to be condensing a whirlwind of water balls.

And Han Qianqian is also the eyes of the steady god, like a vicious wolf tightly stare at the two.

“What? You still don’t release your moves? What are you waiting for?” The mercury man gave a guarded yet provocative shout.

The water pearl man also similarly held the hand ball in his hand, and then prepared to make countermeasures against Han Qianqian’s attack.

But Han Qianqian still just stared at them with a deadly gaze and did not make any move.

The mercury man felt his words were ignored was a little annoyed when the distant next to the water pearl man but at this time laugh.

“Still can’t see it?” Seeing the mercury man does not understand, the water pearl man coldly disdainful laugh.

“This spell is indeed a bit odd and contains great power, but it is obvious that such a magical spell even if he broke his great luck to bump into it, but with his body and cultivation level he still can’t eat it.”

“With a pair of small elephant legs, but with the weight of an adult elephant, it can trample people to death? Maybe, but at least he road has to be able to walk smoothly on his own.”

Once this statement was made, the water bead man let out a loud laugh, as if he no longer put Han Qianqian in his eyes.

After the mercury man froze for a moment, also quickly reflected, he he laughed: “No wonder this kid held back for so long, but actually stood there and did not even move a little, I thought this kid is very strong vigilance it, after all, it is clear that this kid is still brewing energy.”

“Hmph, brat, did no one tell you that the strongest spells, if you can not do it in time and quickly, it is left to the enemy to attack your fate at will? If you let your enemy teach you on the field, then you can only end up with one.”

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The words fell, mercury man and water bead man at the same time cracked a smile, the next second, two figures at the same time towards Han three thousand straight charge attack.

At this time, Han Qianqian, deep as a wolf-like eyes erupted with the slightest hint of joy.

“I was waiting for you two old vultures to make a move.” Han Qianqian laughed coldly, and his hands fiercely moved.

“Broken Dream Soul Swallowing!!!”

With Han Qianqian’s fierce voice, the green light surrounding his body fiercely a pause, the next second directly exploded, an inch of white light accompanied by Han Qianqian’s body two talismanic shackles between the blast directly towards the front.


Looking at the direct burst of white light and two rune marks shackles, the two water people also apparently did not expect this for a time.

Han Qianqian, this young little guy, had actually already brewed everything, and had been waiting for them to strike first.

“You hateful little kid, you think you’ve won by backstabbing us like this? I tell you, you are really too young, my ability you do not know just now, and want to hurt me, foolish dream!

“I’ll teach you a good lesson today, so you can see what it means to be an old man.”

The words fell, each body on a white light, a light up a silver light, their own energy and speed also increased rapidly to more fierce, to a more ferocious posture straight at Han three thousand.

And at this time, Han Qianqian eyes also stared at the white light and shackles, he is also nervous, I do not know how this move will end ……