His Destined Path Chapter 3490

He’s telling Han Qianqian not to beg anyone for it, it would rather die!!!

“Evil Taotie!”

Looking at the Evil Taotie who had already resumed the battle with the Water Pearl Man, Han Qianqian clenched his teeth and his eyes were red.


With a muffled sound, the Evil Taotie was once again hit by the Water Pearl Man’s fist and smashed heavily on the ground.

It didn’t even make a sound, it directly climbed up from the ground, fiercely glared at the water bead man, and the next second, it pounced again.

Although, it is also very clear, and then many times the charge, the end can only be beaten back and wounded this one, the difference between the two at this moment is completely not a little bit, but it still choose to defy.

It would rather die standing, and definitely will not live on its knees.





Time and again the impact, in return for time and again the poisonous beating, in the face of the water bead man’s defense and attack, even Han Qianqian also did not have the slightest way, not to mention the evil Taotie.

But each time the poisonous beating, but always can not stop the evil Taotie more ferocious impact.

That guy is as desperate as life, holding a death to make the other side pay the price of desperation.

Han three thousand in the eyes, the blood in the body is also boiling.

The impact of the evil Taotie defiantly, but also from the original heartache and grief into Han Qianqian at this time of shock and inspiration.

The evil Taotie can still eat, he Han Qianqian who can watch the battle?

As the evil Taotie said, would rather die standing, never live on your knees!

Han Qianqian’s gaze locked, his eyes turned deep, while his body also began to quickly luck again.

The five elements divine stone is activated by the energy, at this time also outside the body began to leisurely emit a burst of light, healing Han Qianqian.

“The peculiar depends, the Sword its power!”

“It is the Great Way, three transformations into one.”

“The constant connotation of emptiness, breaking the wilderness depends!”

At the same time, Han Qianqian’s entire being urged the third set of ancient secret techniques, Tai Xu.

He knew that the Evil Taotie could no longer last long, so he had to recover his physical condition in the shortest possible time.

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And Taixu is his only and best choice at the moment.

Although, even now at this time Han three thousand still completely do not understand what in the end is the Taixu gongfu, and it is talking about what.

But ……

Anyway, Han Qianqian will.

As for what efficacy it has, what great power, what the hell.

Anyway, the dead horse as a living horse.

Han Qianqian’s side attitude is changing, the water bead man and mercury man’s attitude is also changing greatly.

Looking at the evil Taotie time and again crazy defeat and attack, even the cruel two, at this time is also quite shocked.

“This guy ……”

“Not afraid of death?”

They have never seen such madness, so desperate guy, even now already full of wounds, even at this time he has broken both legs, but it still with the remaining two legs to stand with difficulty, and then desperately attacked again.

If you say that the previous water bead people strike vicious, with a sadistic intent to play humiliate the evil Taotie, then at this moment, his killing moves inside full of respect, but also full of the slightest fear.

Perhaps, as others have said, the ordinary fear of ruthless, ruthless fear of the lifeless.

Although the water bead people occupy an absolute advantage, but at this time in his psyche has formed a deep pressure.

Almost also in the wavering between, the evil of the Taotie a lunge, the time will be directly cut his arm, the water-like arm actually time will leave a finger large gap.

In the case of not fully concentrated, he was lost in thought between, actually by the evil taotie to the wound.

Looking at his missing wound, the water bead man was slightly shocked, followed by a face full of anger.

A stream of water converges to the wound where the rapid flow seems to repair at the same time, the water bead man also looked at the evil Taotie dead: “How dare you, you beast, how dare you hurt me, you f*ck, I want your dog life.”

By the evil Taotie wounded water beads man completely furious, he roared, the next second, the hand suddenly turned into an incomparably huge sword, aimed at the evil Taotie’s head, is directly stabbed.

With the state of the evil Taotie now, want to dodge, obviously is completely impossible.

But almost at the moment of its life, suddenly, a thing dead in front of it!

A huge square symbol seal!