His Destined Path Chapter 3491

The evil Taotie saw the sword did not arrive, surprised by a slight lift of the eyes, when saw the water man’s water sword did not pierce into his head, but was a huge square talisman seal blocked and when, could not help but be frozen on the spot.

It froze, the two water people also obviously froze.

How could they have imagined that at such a critical moment, someone would actually …… make a move.

“It’s f*cking you again.” The water bead man snapped a head up and looked angrily at Han Qianqian.

Han Qianqian still set in the wall, only the right hand lightly raised, the surrounding green light faint.

“f*ck, it’s really a b*tch with a b*tch dog, this beast and this kid are just f*cking cheap, at this point in time, how dare you not f*cking wait for death, it’s really abominable, really annoying.” The mercury man also said with a voice of anger.

Han Qianqian cracked his mouth and smiled slightly, not caring about the two people’s angry curses and taunts.

“f*ck, let’s deal with one against the other and take their dog lives, like two flies, it’s really annoying me.” The Water Pearl Man asked the Mercury Man in a cold voice.

The mercury man let out a cold laugh: “I have no opinion.”

With the answer from the mercury man, the water pearl man raised his eyes to look at Han Qianqian and laughed coldly and disdainfully, saying, “To say that you are a fly is also really an insult to the cheap thing called a fly. Just now this move is already useless to us, you fool, still using this move even now, can’t your head turn?”

The words fell, the water bead man suddenly between the body again drops a drop of water, apparently came back to the old trick.

The mercury man was smiling blandly, he did not rush to fight, instead, he was leisurely and incomparably watching the show from the side.

For him, he can indeed and the water bead man together, one to finish Han three thousand, one to finish the evil Taotie.

But at this time, the body is already full of wounds of the evil Taotie to him, there is really no meaning, not to mention resistance, this guy now even run a little bit of strength.

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As before, the water bead man just a few moments later will be completely turned away Han three thousand You Huang’s resistance, water beads fall to the ground after reincarnation of the body, quickly rushed toward Han three thousand again.

Almost just in the blink of an eye, he has already rushed to the Han three thousand less than two meters away from the front.

Such a short distance, apparently for the water bead man, as if victory from his distance, his mouth unconsciously reveals a gloomy cold smile.

Han Qianqian looked closely at the water bead man rushing towards him, his eyes converged, his brow furrowed, as if, waiting to die, and as if, he was waiting for something.


Suddenly between breaths, that water bead man but already from Han three thousand and only a meter away.

Almost as soon as the next moment, the long sword in his hand will completely pierce into Han Qianqian’s abdomen, ending Han Qianqian’s life!

But in the nick of time, Han Qianqian once again moved his hands and shouted angrily.

“Broken Dream and Swallowed Soul!”

The Spectral Emperor reappeared!


The square-shaped talisman seal reappeared and managed to resist the water sword’s attack almost between only a few centimeters away from Han Qianqian.

“Childish, childish, you’re ridiculously childish, Han Qianqian, you’ve already failed twice with the same move, is there any point in doing it one more time?”

“But you won’t have that kind of luck again, because when I dissolve your attack again this time, there will be no more distance to help you, you can only die, understand?” The water bead man was blocked but did not panic in the slightest, but only endless sarcasm and ridicule.

He only needed to dodge a little more, his next attack could directly pierce Han Qianqian with a sword.

In the face of his disdain, Han Qianqian is a bland bitter laugh, shaking his head and laughing softly: “What if, for the third time, it works? There is an old saying, things can only happen three times.”

The words fell, the water bead man was about to turn into water, but he suddenly looked at Han Qianqian’s pupils, full of shock ……