His Destined Path Chapter 3496


Although that thing is still still in the hands of Han Qianqian not out, but at this time under the intense flames, the mercury man can still feel a huge and terrifying energy is being bred from the flames ……

Suddenly, panic under the mercury man seems to have suddenly remembered something, hastily turned back between looking at the other side to launch a general attack of water beads man.

“No, no, don’t.”

He frantically shouted towards the side of the water bead man, trying to get the water bead man to hurry up and leave at this moment.

But at this time the water bead people are already on the string, how can they still withdraw?


A shocking sound, like a fire dragon rushing to the sky, a bizarre stinging people’s eyes are hurting extremely intense flame fierce from Han Qianqian hands leapt out.

After that, a half turn in the air, directly towards the water bead man is a blast attack.


A roar, the fire dragon directly collided with the water bead man, but between each other almost not even a moment’s pause, the next second, the fire dragon directly through the water bead man’s body!

The water bead man’s ferocious attack was suddenly all gone, standing frozen in place.

He looked down, his chest at this time more than a huge hole, the hole is surrounded by a scorched black, the body of water in the black circle near the more in the evaporation.

He looked at the big hole with disbelief, and then raised his eyes to look at Han Qianqian, the whole person was full of incredulity.

He originally thought that his side attack from the side, will certainly give Han Qianqian extremely fatal blow, then he can also hold the revenge of the previous wounded by Han Qianqian.

But he counted a thousand calculations, I’m afraid, but also never counted, not only did he not hurt Han Qianqian the slightest, but also on the way directly by Han Qianqian to a complete and utter counter-kill.

“You ……” looking at Han Qianqian, the water bead man has too many words to say, but in the end, everything only turned into this one word in the throat.


Although there is no more, but the meaning expressed, but more than a thousand words and ten thousand words.

The mercury man is frozen as a wooden chicken, murmuring and looking at the water bead man, although at this time the water bead man is still standing there, but he is very clear that the water bead man is finished.

Han Qianqian smiled gently: “I said, the young tiger will always grow up too, and it will eat people just the same.”

With those words, he moved his gaze away from the mercury man and slowly looked at the water pearl man, “Am I right?”

“How does it feel?”

The water bead man wanted to open his mouth, but at that moment, but just between opening his mouth, the wah-wah of running water kept gushing out of his mouth, and the next second, he suddenly raised his eyes.

銆 Rubidium scorches the yellow pages of the chain, and then the head of the head of the next generation of Rubidium, and then the head of the next generation of Rubidium, and then the head of the next generation of Rubidium, and then the head of the next generation of Rubidium, and then the head of the next generation of Rubidium, and then the head of the next generation of Rubidium. /p>


A loud sound, in the midst of his extremely incredulous widened eyes, his body exploded violently.

Like a ball of water suddenly being heavily dropped on the ground, water droplets splashed everywhere!

But, the only difference is that the water ball will still bloom countless water droplets and then fall to the ground, his body of those water droplets with the explosion to the surrounding, and then instantly and air fusion.

Everything, returned to the calm.


The heavenly fire that pierced his body fiercely between the body a change, borrowing the fire momentum and issued a similar roar of sound, as if swearing their bravery, showing their strength.

“Ah ……”

A long sigh, a stagger, a successive retreat, originally with Han three thousand runes are fighting fiercely mercury man, in with the water bead man after this explosion, the whole person completely and utterly heartless.

Seeing him like this, Han Qianqian smiled lightly and withdrew the talisman seal, but did not withdraw the heavenly fire, the burning silence in his hand is also ready at any time.

In fact, in the cave, just when the burning silence to learn, Han Qianqian already quickly have his own some experimental ideas, one of the biggest bile, is the burning silence is a fiery fire made of the method, coincidentally, the sky fire is also the fire system method.

At the beginning, Xia Ran taught himself some phoenix clan’s heart method can let the heavenly fire get quenched, naturally, Han Qianqian will also think, then burning silence this thing can be completed to the heavenly fire quenching.

This was the crazy idea Han Qianqian had in the cave, and it was the thing he was most eager to try.

The fact proved that Han Qianqian’s theory worked, and the Heavenly Fire was really worthy of the supreme masterpiece that the Earth-Sweeping Old Man had handed over to himself.

“How about that? Now you’re the only one left.” Han Qianqian looked at the mercury man playfully.