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His Destined Path Chapter 3495

The mercury man also laughed, a crazy laugh and an extremely hideous laugh.

“Hahaha, hahahahaha!”

He was extremely insane and unrestrained.

He guessed? He guessed what the hell!

He only knew that Han Qianqian was entangled with him as he wished, then he was bound to have difficulty freeing his hands to deal with the Water Pearl Man, and naturally, he was in front of the Water Pearl Man like a lamb to be slaughtered.

What does he have to guess?

Guess how Han Qianqian died?

Looking at his arrogant laugh, Han Qianqian was also laughing.

“Burning Silence!”

With an angry roar, Han Qianqian’s entire right arm once again turned into fire red, and the red light around his body was also emerging.

“Kid, I must admit, this move of yours is indeed somewhat threatening, however, so what?” The mercury man was not moved in the slightest.

A soft smile: “Can you hurt someone with it?”

“Can you free your hand? If you dare to remove your talisman seal, I can pierce your chest directly with this water sword.”

Han Qianqian shook his head helplessly, “So, you are planning to just consume me and then make it impossible for me to make head or tail of it, right?”

“Young people always have to pay something for their inexperience, right?” The mercury man laughed softly.

“Paying for such things is not for young people, but for everyone.” With those words, Han Qianqian smiled and softly shouted, “Heavenly Fire!”


Heavenly fire instantly came out and accompanied around Han Qianqian.

“You want to rely on it to help you?” Seeing the heavenly fire appear, the mercury man smiled: “Then, let me pay for it?”

Han Qianqian nodded: “Exactly.”

“Joke, I already said, this fire of yours does have some power, but your control over it is far from that level, he is a tiger, but unfortunately he is only a young cub.”

“Since it’s just a young tiger, what qualifications does it have to be a threat?”

The words fell, and the mercury man looked at Han Qianqian smiling even more grimly to the extreme.

Looking at his arrogant and incomparable appearance, Han Qianqian was not moved at all. A moment later, the corners of his mouth twitched: “You’re right, but you also have to understand one thing.”

“What is it?” The mercury man frowned slightly.

Han Qianqian laughed: “A tiger is always a tiger, don’t think it’s not a tiger just because it’s small, from the time it’s born, it’s just like his father and mother, full of bloodlust for enemies.”

After Han Qianqian finished, he smiled fiercely, softly drank in a faint voice, and looked towards the Heavenly Fire: “Come on!”


The Heavenly Fire moved fiercely and jumped above Han Qianqian’s right hand, slowly seeking.

The next second, the heavenly fire fiercely between a flight, directly into Han Qianqian’s fiery red arm.

The mercury man was stunned, apparently by this operation for a time quite confused, what does this mean?

Put out, and then …… and hit their own spells into their own body, what is this going to do? Self-inflicted?

“Are you sick?” The mercury man could not resist a soft drink.

“Yes, I am sick.” Han Qianqian smiled, not the slightest bit affected by any mockery, the so-called soldier move, Han Qianqian line is the current move.

“What do you mean?” The mercury man froze.

He really wants to scold Han Qianqian, but the problem is from Han Qianqian’s eyes and his very dry admission to pour the mercury man some confusion.

He seems to be convinced, and has a deep plan.

But what kind of plan can there be in this way of beating yourself up?

“Looking at you, you can’t draw your hand out either, right?” Han Qianqian asked with a soft smile.

The mercury man froze, did not know what he meant, but he was not wrong, right now he could not withdraw, all his strength was used in the crazy attack, if he retreated at this time would certainly be reversed by the internal power.

Han Qianqian laughed: “That’s right, isn’t it?”

The first thing that happened was that the right hand was lit up to the point of no return: “Heavenly Fire, what are you waiting for?”

The diaphragm is a yellow-ringed version of the head of the head of the Rubidium application.

Roar, at this time, in the right hand of Han three thousand, the flame instantly reached the extreme, a horrible thing seems to come out with the sound ……