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His Destined Path Chapter 3500

“This is ……”

Looking at this gigantic door like the sky, Han Qianqian could not help but feel deeply shocked.

Like a heavenly rift valley, across the road to stop.

“The Hall of the Moon, the place where the Moon Treasure exists.” The mercury man laughed softly.

“The Treasure of the Moon?” Han Qianqian puzzled.

The mercury man nodded: “Want to hear a story?”

Although Han Qianqian was speechless, his eyes were looking at him, which already indicated his attitude.

In the eight worlds, there was once a lonely island, ethereal in the nothingness, every twelve a reincarnation, appear in the eight worlds of the great sea.

The turtles in the sea would gather at that time and connect with each other with their shells, eventually forming a huge turtle island.

After the formation of the turtle island, there will be an old man from nowhere down, also do not know where to come, so suddenly descend to appear in the turtle island.

The turtle shell is so complex that it not only forms the island, but also creates a path of shell patterns. If the person who goes to the island is wrong, the shell will disintegrate and the person will be buried in the sea.

The first time I saw the film, I was able to see the film and the video. /p>

If the solution is right, you can enter the island all the way smoothly and meet the mysterious old man.

The old man will be in the island, set up the bureau of life and death, the left for life, the right for death, life for the ten thousand tortoise spirit formation, and death for the spirit of the tortoise chess game, a text and a martial arts, but is a close connection.

Although the left side is called the life bureau, but the ten thousand tortoise spirit formation is killing machines, but the actual is called the dead land, and the dead land is a chess game, but the chess game land is quite extensive, just each piece alone is a ten thousand years old tortoise, the chess player can only be in the chess land and play, as for the chess land is no different from the outside pattern, once you lose the chess, the consequences will not survey conceivable.

The chessboard will instantly disintegrate, and the person on top of the chessboard will instantly fall off and be devoured by ten thousand turtles, and eventually end up with a dead body.

“And what if you win?” Han Qianqian asked.

“If you win, the old man has a bag of 100 treasures in his hand, from which he will take out a treasure at will and present it to the destined person.” The mercury man said.

After the words, he let out a bitter laugh: “However, there are a hundred treasures in the hundred treasure bag, but it doesn’t mean that every one of them is a treasure for anyone.”

“From the lowest weeds to ordinary swords, it has everything, and what shouldn’t be there is also there, so if you are unlucky, perhaps what you have gambled with your life for is nothing more than waste gra*s that can be picked up at random on the roadside.”

“When I lived in the eight worlds, I heard of a senior, in the end after the loss of an arm and a leg, in exchange for just a chicken feather, stealing a chicken did not lose the rice, after the lack of arms and legs, was soon picked off the horse, lost his original true God position.”

Han Qianqian nodded his head, saddened by the small loss of the big one.

Is also printed that sentence, won the club tender film, lost down the sea work.

“However, over the years, many people are still attached to the Spiritual Turtle Island, many gentry even dedicated to this, derived from the so-called astrological turtle divination department, the purpose is to account for the next appearance of the Spiritual Turtle Island time and place.”

“Back then, when I lived in the eight worlds, the scene was lively ……”

Once talking about this, the mercury man himself is also unusually sighing, perhaps the kind of victory back then, only he himself is the most clear, but also the most impressive bar.

“Such a great loss, but there are still countless people desperately want to squeeze in, I think, that hundred treasure bag should have some rare treasures, right?” Han Qianqian asked.

The mercury man nodded: “That’s right, there is indeed a supreme treasure hidden in the bag of ten thousand treasures, a treasure no one has ever seen, but it has long been rumored in the jianghu that it is a supreme treasure.”

“It is the best thing on this mysterious old man, and it is also the heart and soul of the mysterious old man. There is a rumor that if you get this treasure, not only can you rule the eight worlds, but you can also live a long life and not suffer from reincarnation.”

“Do you know, what does this mean?”

Han Qianqian nodded, of course he knew what it meant, it meant that anyone could fly on a branch and become a phoenix, loser great reversal to complete the reform and change of life.

And for those who are already quite strong, this thing is to let them step on the most critical step in life, even the true gods, can also veto the three divisions of the world from now on, from now on their own master, king and hegemon.

It does not enter the suffering of reincarnation, but also allows this to have been perpetuated forever.

Han three thousand can finally understand why the ending may be so bleak, but still can not stop the enthusiasm of those people.

“This thing, is the Treasure of the Moon, is it?” Han Qianqian suddenly asked.