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His Destined Path Chapter 3501

Hearing Han Qianqian’s question, the mercury man had a slight surprise, looked back at Han Qianqian and smiled: “How do you know?”

Han Qianqian smiled bitterly, “It’s not hard to guess.”

“You have laid out such a long string, it is impossible that it does not have any connection with the Moon’s treasure.”

The mercury man shook his head: “We have lived here for a long time, you can hardly know its annoyance, suddenly there is a living person, a few more words, what is the harm?”

Han Qianqian smiled: “Then let’s say that your reason makes sense. Then the second one you can’t explain.”

“Is there a second one?” He looked at Han Qianqian with interest.

“Of course.” Han Qianqian nodded, “In terms of age, you’re the senior and I’m the junior, you can’t deny that, can you?”

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“Exactly.” He nodded.

“In that case, why did such a treasure, something big enough to be able to change everyone’s heavenly destiny, discontinue in your time, or perhaps it did not pa*s down to our generation?” Han Qianqian laughed: “Perhaps, some other legends will fade away with time or be forgotten, but something that concerns man’s greed can never be.”

“Human greed will only be infinite, and never extinct, right?”

The mercury man did not say anything, but just smiled and looked at Han Qianqian.

“So, the only possibility is that back then, the highest treasure of the Spirit Turtle Island was taken away by someone, naturally, the Spirit Turtle Island also lost its attraction, gradually abandoned by people, moreover, in the long history eventually dissipated, this is the truth that our generation has not heard this legend.”

“Even, I can also a*sert that the person who took the treasure of this moon in the first place is you.”

The words fell, Han Qianqian calmly looked at the mercury man, the mercury man obviously some smile hanging at the corners of his mouth, after a pause, said: “Why do you think it was me who took it?”

“Because you and I said a word.”


“You said that when you got it, you thought you owned it, but in the end you found out that it was not your destiny to get this blessing, but only disguised as a tool for the spread of heavenly destiny, just like that dandelion.” Han Qianqian finished and continued to add: “If you hadn’t once had great joy, how could you have had great sorrow today?”

“Only those who have gained and lost can make these sighs from the bottom of their hearts, am I right?”

Looking at Han Qianqian’s confident eyes, the mercury man froze for a moment before laughing out loud, while a pair of water-like hands could not help but clap loudly in succession, “Good, good, good, worthy of the latter, really analyze the head, justified, dripping water.”

“Both smart and careful, worthy of being able to learn the three great divine skills, interesting and interesting.”

“Good, back then I was indeed fortunate to find the time and place where the Spiritual Turtle Island appeared, and successfully arrived at the Island together with a large group of initial opponents or friends.”

“At that time, we were very loud, a large number of people, the eight worlds are also full of spiritual energy, most of those present are good, and for this moment people also prepared for a long time, usually studied a variety of astrology gossip can also be put to use. We entered the island alone, there are half a dozen people.”

“However, when it came to the most critical life and death situation, most people were unable to escape this level and died in the mouth of ten thousand turtles, I barely pa*sed with the original two true gods, but I was the most seriously injured among the three.”

“With the start of the lottery, those two true gods have good luck, although they did not win the grand prize, but the things they got are top quality, for them, this thing is like a tiger with wings.”

“Honestly, at that time I was a little desperate, because the strength of the true gods were not very different from each other, but as they had the top item in hand, the future began to change.”

Speaking of this, he let out a bitter laugh: “But who would have thought that it was me who was so desperate, but at the last moment, I drew the ultimate prize, the Treasure of the Moon.”

“I was so happy and I was so excited because I knew what it meant. Only, what I could never have imagined either was that it was this Treasure of the Moon that caused me to completely lose my life.”

With these words, he moved his hand, and the very center of the giant door suddenly flashed a moonlight table knowledge, and the door slowly opened at that moment ……