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His Destined Path Chapter 3505

Although it is as large as a baby, its body parts are no different from a child.

But its skull is obviously a little different from humans, and more importantly, even though the body is highly decomposed and the hair on the body has been diluted by the sticky liquid, there is still a huge difference between the palms and fingers of its limbs and humans.

The mercury man then smiled and nodded: “Not bad.”

“Isn’t the Treasure of the Moon a secret book? How come it’s a monkey?” Han Qianqian wondered.

The mercury man shook his head, “Have you forgotten my companion?”

“You mean that Mercury Man, Zhang Guosi?” Han Qianqian said.

The mercury man nodded, took a slight step forward, smiled, and said, “I once said that many people actually come here with a purpose, or as I newly understood later, with a providence and a mission.”

“I came here because I got the treasure of the moon and wanted to come here to solve the mysterious body, and as for Zhang Guoshi, it was because of this monkey.”

Han Qianqian did not say anything, but his eyes were already full of curiosity because of a monkey.

The mercury man smiled, “It is not an ordinary monkey.”

With these words, he walked a few steps to Han Qianqian’s side, followed by grabbing his left hand and putting it into the wooden box in a smooth manner.

Although looking at the contents of the wooden box is really disgusting, but out of strong curiosity, Han Qianqian did not choose to resist, but with the force of the mercury man and the hand through the slimy liquid, reach out to touch the dead monkey.

Han Qianqian closed his eyes tightly and held back his malice.

But when he felt like he was going to touch the monkey, he suddenly felt an empty hand, and then opened his eyes, his hand pressed at the stomach of the monkey’s body parts, but Han Qianqian clearly felt that he seemed to be touching an empty, what …… also did not catch.

This can’t help but let Han Qianqian greatly confused, he obviously touched, but why and really obviously feel that they did not touch anything.

It seems to see Han Qianqian’s doubts, the mercury man smiled, and did not speak, grabbed Han Qianqian’s hand this time in the viscous liquid simply came to a big loop, completely and utterly from the head to the end of the touch.

But the more this happens, the more surprised Han Qianqian is.

Because this time he opened his eyes from beginning to end, but also from beginning to end despise the feeling of disgust in the heart, seriously feel all this.

Han three thousand can really be sure that this is by no means an illusion, but also really can not explain why this is.

“It, is not an ordinary monkey.” The mercury man smiled and gently pulled back Han Qianqian’s hand and also withdrew his own hand.

Han Qianqian looked at his hand, obviously touched in that sticky liquid for half a day, but after taking it out, his hand, not to mention the absence of a bit of mucus, even …… not even a trace of wet.

This is simply too unbelievable.

“It is the Seventh Spirit Monkey.” The mercury man laughed.

“Seventh-life spirit monkey?” Han Qianqian frowned.

“Not bad.” The mercury silver man nodded: “The monkey is the spirit of the beast, or have great strength, or have the dexterity of the change, set to a hundred beasts of the long, more to the monkey king command as stable, is solid, people also to the marquis, table the status of people.”

“The seventh spirit monkey is the spirit of the monkey, by the seventh reincarnation, its body contains the aura, not to mention in the monkey tribe is not out of ten thousand years, even if you look at the human race is also a phoenix hair and diamond, hard to find. Based on this alone, you know how precious this seventh-life spirit monkey is, right?”

Han Qianqian nodded.

“Legend has it that this World Seventh Spirit Monkey’s whole body is made of aura, from a drop of his tear down to one of his hairs, that is where the top aura essence is.”

“Among the monkey tribe, if a monkey is recognized by the Seventh Spiritual Monkey, it can devour the Seventh Spiritual Monkey and obtain supreme spiritual power.”

“As for how strong his spiritual power is, huh, according to the existing records of the human race, the Seventh Spirit Monkey appeared six times and achieved six divine monkeys, and this is the seventh time it appeared and the only time it has fallen into the hands of humans.”

This is the seventh and only time that the monkey has appeared in human hands. /p>

Speaking of which, even the mercury man is also sighing.

But according to his words can be learned, in the human record is also just but a total of seven times, which is enough to see how precious this thing is.

As for how to fall into the hands of humans, Zhang Guoshi has died, this is naturally no way to know, and, this is not the point.

Han Qianqian opened his mouth: “Zhang Guoshi came here, also because he also way to touch this seventh divine monkey?”