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His Destined Path Chapter 3504

Although only a slit, but the smell of salted fish came more violent.

This smell, really very top, if Han Qianqian party can still tolerate, then now, he really is a smell will directly roll up the white eyes.

This is completely physical reflection, not mixed with any other things.

After waiting for a few seconds, Han Qianqian whole person slightly eased a little over, by now, Han Qianqian can basically determine, in fact, the Hall of the Moon, even including the entire Palace of the Moon have been floating stinky salted fish smell is all from the stone pillar in front of you.

This can’t help but let Han Qianqian unusual doubt.

sh*t, what the hell is inside this thing?

Not the treasure of the moon? Not a secret book?

How could a secret book produce such a strange and incomparable stench? This can’t even be said to be unbelievable, but simply does not make sense ah.

When I thought of this, Han Qianqian couldn’t help but glance back at the mercury man, but he just smiled gently, then nodded and indicated Han Qianqian to pull the door open.

Han Qianqian is a bit depressed, but, things have come to this point, there is no reason to retreat, slightly reach out, pull the stone door, will slowly open it ……

As the stone door was opened, the smell inside was even more “sweet”, Han Qianqian could not help but pinch his nose.


With the stone door completely opened, the space inside began to show in front of the eyes.

Because it was dark inside, Han Qianqian’s hand moved, a fireball instantly lit up, completely illuminating the entire space.

It was a platform of about one square meter concave inside, and a wooden box was placed on top of the platform, green in color, about eighty centimeters long and twenty centimeters wide.

Because it had been placed for too long, the wooden box was somewhat decayed, and the green paint on it had peeled off extensively.

It was covered, but there was no lock.

Han Qianqian stared and took a step forward.


As the old wood emitted a piercing sound like falling teeth, its lid slowly and completely opened.

Under the light, when Han Qianqian looked into the box ……


He could not help but low curses, then the whole person also retreated several steps, the face is even revealing a shocked expression.

In that wooden box, clearly not what the secret book, but ……

A corpse!

The box is filled with that green and disgusting sticky liquid, and in the midst of the sticky liquid, an unusually odd corpse is curled up with its legs, hands clutching its chest, lying diagonally inside.

Although at that time only swept a glance, but even now, Han Qianqian still remember the body of that look.

Like a one- or two-year-old baby, in terms of body and limbs.

But it is by no means an ordinary dead baby, he opened his hideous eyes, and his mouth was wide open like a roar of rage before death.

Han Qianqian also by now, completely understand why there is an unusually serious smell of smelly salted fish here.

It is not another smell, but the smell of a badly decaying corpse.

Han Qianqian looked at the mercury man with some difficulty to believe, he did not understand, what does this mean?

The mercury man laughed and looked back at Han Qianqian.

“Is this ……?” Han Qianqian did not understand.

Wasn’t it the promised secret book? Why is it the body of a small child?

Moreover, what did he mean by showing himself the corpse of this little child?

In the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books, where did the child come from?

Han Qianqian really did not understand these, and did not know what the mercury man had “tricked” himself to come here to see a corpse, what exactly was the purpose.

“Not a corpse? You should be able to see it clearly.” The mercury man smiled faintly, seemingly playing dumb there.


“The corpse ……” Han three thousand some speechless, eyes staring at him did not leave the slightest: “This should not be… and how can there be a child’s body here? ”

The mercury man smiled gently, looking at Han three thousand face confused look, finally helplessly shook his head: “You look more clearly.”

With these words, he looked back into the space of the stone pillar and no longer paid attention to Han Qianqian.

Han Qianqian back to the eyes, a little thought, and finally gritted his teeth, immediately before returning to the stone door, the previous fireball again re-increased the light, towards the wooden box in the thing looked over.

Waiting for this intention to look closely, at this time Han Qianqian only then found that the corpse’s subtle features.

At that moment, he hurriedly looked back at the mercury man, frowned and said: “Monkey?”