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His Destined Path Chapter 3509

Han three thousand this time is really convinced, from the heart to the body reason completely convinced.

He has never seen this kind of shameless request in his life, it’s like …… as if someone is begging you to beat him, and is crippled without money kind, if you do not beat him, he even have to cry and kneel like ……

Something is wrong, right?

If not get along also some time, Han three thousand will really and the evil Taotie like, think this guy got a whole lot, is not simply to yin themselves.

“Look at you, it has to be like this.” Seeing Han Qianqian agree, the mercury man also finally did not have the previous kind of displeasure and cold air, on the contrary face reappears a smile.

“I really don’t know what you have to be happy about, and I don’t know why you have to let me try.” Han Qianqian helplessly stretched out his hand.

The mercury man laughed softly and did not retort, moving slightly to indicate Han Qianqian to walk over again.

“Remember, to reach out to try to grab this seventh spirit monkey, must be free of distractions, let go of everything, of course, the best you can communicate with it communication.” The mercury man said.

Han Qianqian was bored: “You want me to communicate with a dead corpse? Or a monkey?”

Han Qianqian was depressed, not to mention how ridiculous this really is, even if all this can be tolerated, Han Qianqian really went to communicate with it, but a monkey can understand what he said?

This is not completely outrageous his mother to outrageous open the door, outrageous to home?

But when Han Qianqian thought so, looked back at the mercury man, his face again emerged a trace of displeasure, Han Qianqian can only helplessly nod: “Good good, I communicate with him, do not worry, then I not only say hello to him, but also by the way with him to pull the family.”

The mercury man glared at him with a look of hatred, “Hey, you b*****d, a sincere heart is a sincere heart.”

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing.

The diaphragm is a yellow-ringed version of the head of the head of the Rubidium application. /p>

Thinking of this, Han Qianqian right hand slightly raised, then came to the wooden box in front of, will slowly put his hand in.

When the hand went in, Han Qianqian touched, still the same as before, there is no touch.

Just when Han Qianqian was about to extend his hand, aside, the mercury man’s voice sounded again: “Heart ……”

“Okay, okay, I get it, the heart is sincere.”

Helplessly rolled his eyes, it seems to want to muddle through, perfunctory is not going to work.

Since this is the case, Han Qianqian has no other choice but to close his eyes, and then the spirit out of a completely empty state, reaching in the sticky liquid hands, but also no longer move, but only with the consciousness of random movement.

One second, two seconds, ten seconds have pa*sed.

Han Qianqian still does not have the slightest other feeling.

The only thing he can feel is that the mercury man is staring at himself closely.

The only thing you can feel is that the mercury man is staring at you.

The only thing I can feel is that the mercury man is watching me closely.

In the blink of an eye, another ten seconds had pa*sed.

Twenty seconds pa*sed.

Thirty seconds pa*sed.

A minute has pa*sed ……

Until the tenth hour, Han Qianqian’s fingers suddenly moved faintly.

The mercury man looked at Han Qianqian nervously, he didn’t know whether Han Qianqian had sensed something and had reflected it, or whether Han Qianqian hadn’t sensed anything and had planned to stop at this point.

But obviously, he was a little disappointed that it should be the latter.

The fact is also true, a full minute of completely empty state, Han Qianqian almost directly to fall asleep as a result.

Too boring, simply too boring, he still did not feel anything, still did not touch anything.

If you have to say Han Qianqian has any feeling at this moment, it is not no. He has!

He has!

He felt that if he soaked in this sticky liquid for a while longer, then his hands might be no different from the dead monkeys in here.

A sigh of helplessness in his heart, Han Qianqian also felt that the time was almost enough to deliver, so he intended to call it a day.

But in Han three thousand just to return to normal, the hand is also just to the time, a burst of murmurs suddenly came into the ear ……