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His Destined Path Chapter 3510

Han Qianqian first froze, thought out what hallucinations, but then a closer listen, but heard these murmurs are actually a group of monkeys frolicking sounds.

They chattered incessantly, but because the sound is too sharp, like a playful, but also seems to be in the formation of a miserable cry because of the fight.

Just when Han Qianqian wanted to identify, originally because of the closed eyes and a darkness in front of the eyes, but then suddenly bright a lot.

A landscape of bright mountains and beautiful water also came into view.

Green trees, the mountain water gurgling, surrounded by birds and flowers, as if people are in a fairyland.

And in this mountain a platform, where the fruit trees everywhere, a variety of fresh and sweet fruit hanging a dazzling, its side of the waterfall pouring, the sound of water all over with a cool feeling, and add a few fairyland sense here.

And in those fruit trees, a group of monkeys jumping happily in the trees, or play or chase or play, or pick up the fruit to eat and chew, free and happy.

Along with those playful sounds, not to mention in their team in which to participate, just as a spectator, but also obviously infected by these happy atmosphere, can not help but reveal a heartfelt smile.

And in the very center of these monkeys, a rather large old peach tree looks extremely dazzling and attention.

The peach tree is generally relatively low but spreads greatly, this old peach tree obviously can not escape this, bending under the spread around towards the left and right is several meters wide, as if a small mountain standing there.

But it not only has these special, more importantly, its low is only equivalent to his size is so, but the huge body shape in comparison, it …… is no longer low.

This is like the same squatting, between the giant and dwarf despite the same action, but the overall height is very different.

It is nearly a dozen meters high, seemingly huge, in this jungle among the cranes, extremely conspicuous.

The old peach tree is huge, and the huge red peach on it is like a small lantern hanging on it.

For some reason, Han Qianqian’s line of sight was far away, but a moment later it suddenly contracted, as if it had come completely near the peach tree.

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A group of monkeys everywhere and living, each in high spirits, hair shiny, even with the human perspective, these monkeys are obviously exceptionally beautiful.

However, these are nothing, the most beautiful, when the monkey sitting in the middle of the old peach tree at this time.

His body is jade-colored, each hair as if it is the top jade out of the silk general, under the daylight, shining with jade, simply beautiful to the extreme.

Although it is a monkey, can not avoid monkey mouth and monkey face, naturally, will inevitably give the impression of sharp mouth and monkey cheeks.

However, in this monkey’s body you can not find this at all, its features even in human aesthetics, but also long and gentle, elegant, so much so that a glance can be seen, this guy is definitely the top of the monkey race existence.

Han Qianqian looked at it, and it also looked at Han Qianqian at this time.

The moment the two eyes met, space and time came to a standstill.

Immediately after, in Han Qianqian’s eyes, the originally jade-like monkey suddenly a change, a huge and incomparably fierce monkey in Han Qianqian’s pupils spread out.

Its body is clad in armor, head tied with red rope, holding an iron rod, mighty and extraordinary.

He moved his body, the next second, a sharp-eared angry eyes, mouth open sharp fangs of a mixed body of golden-haired monkey, holding a fiery red iron rod, both fierce and fierce.

After that, the stick in the flame will be the monkey instantly engulfed, and after the flame completely recede, a all black, bitter face angry monkey from the fire and appear body.

Black armor in the body, holding a long stick.

His body fiercely a color change, holding a long stick into a golden long stick, body batch of gold armor, red cloak and follow.

She moved again, a long-necked monkey like an ape, collapsed nose, convex forehead, white head and green body, fire eyes gold eyes then reappeared.

Finally, the long-necked monkey transformed into a white ape, holding an iron stick in his hand, his eyes fierce and Han Qianqian stared at him.

“Six divine monkeys!”

Han Qianqian suddenly reflected, but then opened his eyes to see, the whole person is again very surprised, in front of which there is nothing else, only that jade-colored monkey as just now, is staring at himself.

Suddenly, something strange happened, that jade monkey suddenly towards Han Qianqian, smiled ……