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His Destined Path Chapter 3512

The whole atmosphere can be said to have dropped directly to the freezing point in an instant, Han Qianqian can obviously feel a coolness is surrounding himself from all sides.


Immediately after, the monkeys’ eyes turned cold, at the same time, opened their mouths and showed their teeth, and their mouths let out a strange sound that clenched the teeth of another person.

Han Qianqian frowned slightly, not the least bit afraid, just blandly looking at the gang of monkeys.

Just then, six huge monkeys slowly stood up from the group of monkeys.

Each of them is a tiger and a tiger, just let a person look up, will be fearful.

Han Qianqian’s pupils are also shrinking slightly, of course he will not remember wrong, these six monkeys are not other than the six divine monkeys that he saw from the jade monkey when he came in.

Han Qianqian is a bit depressed, obedient to say to be his sarcasm, not obedient to say to him but turn the other cheek, this will even directly intend to move the martial arts?

Slightly a side, Han three thousand lightly and drink: “What? Two words do not agree, want to start?”

“It doesn’t matter if we disagree or not, what matters is that I just want to teach you a lesson.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the six divine monkeys rushed towards Han Qianqian.

The monkey spirit is good at moving, the key is that these monkeys are very large, the strength is still not small, six sticks look like the diameter of each stick is only the size of a steel pipe, but each stick split down that is the ground shaking mountains, boulders into pieces.


The six monkeys joined forces, Han three thousand is a series of retreat, can not stand, occasionally want to attack, but by their flexible body completely dodged, which really let Han three thousand time is a big brain incomparable.

With the pa*sage of time, Han Qianqian was soon directly surrounded by six monkeys, six long sticks are calling and going, smashing Han Qianqian is a jump.

However, jumping is jumping, Han Qianqian is still in a hurry to carefully observe the positioning of the six monkeys.

But honestly, the more you look at the more dazzling, the more you look at the more you are forced to gradually into a dead end.

“The mouth so hard, since it is useless, the body has the ability, is the real ability.”

That voice duly appeared, only, although the tone in the voice seems normal, but it is just too normal, in turn, let any person who heard this words feel deeply humiliated.

Han Qianqian is the same.

However, he is clear that the more this kind of time the more need for reason, the more can not be swayed by emotions.

Suddenly, there was a flash of light in Han Qianqian’s eyes.

Immediately after, Han Qianqian suddenly smiled wryly.

Thinking of this, Han Qianqian suddenly Taixu divine step a move, followed by seventy-two divine sword fierce attack the head tied red rope of that monkey, while borrowing the protection of the imperishable Xuan armor and frost jade armor, directly mad attack it at the same time hard from him to hit a gap.

The next second, after Han Qianqian rushed out of the heavy siege, no longer idle, not to mention the intention to simply defend.

A body techniques with no money like crazy flung, gong method up, the sky fire moon wheel now, seventy-two ways divine sword plus no phase divine skill and just learned from the ten true gods predecessors of the ten divine skills all a brain rushed six monkeys smashed over.

To say that the six monkeys are also fierce, even in the face of Han Qianqian’s crazy attack, but also not afraid, see the six monkeys to re-encircle, Han Qianqian is not afraid, you Huang plus burning silence attack and defense even out.

With the power of burning silence, Han Qianqian’s hand jade sword with heavenly fire moon wheel is also full of power, hard against the six divine monkeys do not suffer any loss.

However, in this two-phase stalemate situation, Han Qianqian but suddenly a withdrawal, directly abandoned this reciprocal situation.

This kind of operation can not be said to be tumultuous, but can only be said to be tumultuous to the realm of stupidity, which is equivalent to completely give up their own advantage, and repositioned the situation into their own siege situation.

Although the six divine monkeys did not say anything, but it is obvious that their respective faces have shown the slightest smile, they know, Han Qianqian this move, is simply a faint move, but also will certainly drag him into the land of doom.

However, laughing, the six monkeys naturally will not let go of such a good opportunity, and then directly present a closed position, step by step towards Han Qianqian pressed forward.

Han Qianqian vigilantly looked at the six people, step by step carefully back toward the rear.

Just a moment, Han Qianqian was forced to a dead end, obviously, at this time he is already retreat.

The six divine monkeys saw this situation, can not help but each sneer, however, also almost at this time, has been forced to the dead end of Han Qianqian, also revealed a grim and horrible smile ……