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His Destined Path Chapter 3513

Seeing Han Qianqian reveal such a smile, the six monkeys obviously froze, each a little puzzled, apparently they are not clear, Han Qianqian this guy would be at such a time still laughing out.

However, Han Qianqian’s smile made them puzzled at the same time, but also made them more and more annoyed.

Because it is clear that Han Qianqian is already desperate, not obediently kneel down and kowtow to admit their mistakes is just, actually dare to incompetent rage here, simply D*mn.

Looking at each other, the six divine monkeys fiercely angry, towards Han Qianqian is directly attacked.

Han Qianqian also at this time, the fierce light in his eyes, cold voice a drink: “You think, only you have more people?”

“Six against one!”

“Sorry, I have eight!”

The words fell, Han Qianqian suddenly shouted, and pulled out the golden body directly.

Faced with Han Qianqian’s sudden appearance of eight huge figures, the six divine monkeys also froze violently.

But almost in their froth, seven of the eight golden bodies have already rushed towards the six divine monkeys.

The six divine monkeys hurriedly picked up their own long sticks and struck them indiscriminately.

At one time, the sound of thumping sounded incessantly.

However, what surprised the six monkeys was that the seven golden bodies did not retreat at all in the face of their long stick beating, as if they were seven stone men, not eating any pain and carrying the damage closer and closer.

The only way to get the most out of the world is to have a good understanding of the world’s history. /p>

The look is as if they are a bunch of experts, suddenly met a newcomer who does not know martial arts, the same, hard head is to charge up.

This is really some break the routine, so that the face of Han three thousand golden body approaching, six monkeys is suddenly unified incomparable retreat up.

Han three thousand eight golden body itself is the same enemy, the common forging of the wall of defense, for the long stick such a straightforward physical attack has a certain arrival role, coupled with the full power of the indestructible xuan armor and frost jade armor, Han three thousand is indeed qualified to use this stupid way to directly rampage.

The six divine monkeys were overwhelmed by this brute force for a while, it is also reasonable.

Looking at the six divine monkeys at this time each eyes both with vigilance, with a trace of incomprehension and doubt, Han Qianqian’s eyes even revealed a smile.

“Right, fear is right, confused about what the situation is also right.”

A cold laugh in the heart, the seven golden bodies not only did not have the slightest convergence, but instead a unison roar, to meet the six divine monkeys is rushed forward.

Six monkeys and battle and leg between in fact also have already prepared, the hands of the long stick has long stored power swung round, see it and up, directly each carry the stick will hit.

Bang Bang Bang!

Six sticks smashed together, smashed Han three thousand eight golden body is suddenly time is body shaking, spitting blood.

But Han Qianqian not only did not have any pain performance, and even a step back does not exist, but the angry body directly to a fierce tiger pounced, directly seven golden body to help each other, will each divine monkey with a golden body directly a hold.

If at this time the scene but where there is a friend of Han three thousand present, regardless of whether they know how to martial arts, will not practice, it is estimated that a sweat face full in the body, and then a wipe of the face to the pocket, the eyes do not see for a net.

This is simply too hot eyes.

This is completely do not know how to practice people recklessly for well.

You can indeed hold a hug to, but the body has been in the process of continuous heavy hitting, and so people slightly slowed down after breaking free from the restraints, that is a completely overwhelming advantage to his new round of attacks.

The fact that you can’t beat someone else is also forgotten, to a stalker, but also counted, after all, as the saying goes, I can’t get well you don’t expect to be happy.

But under the evenly matched to do so, it would seem unbelievable, completely incomprehensible.

You are equivalent to chopping with others, but suddenly put down the kitchen knife.

Although he left behind a golden body, this point of attack obviously could not have posed any great threat to the six divine monkeys, and, even if he could have threatened one, what about the other five?

However, for Han Qianqian, he felt normal, otherwise, wanting to suddenly control them under evenly matched forces, it is not equivalent to bullsh*t and dreaming!

Yes, of course, Han Qianqian knows better than anyone else, making such a huge sacrifice in return for holding the six divine monkeys for a time almost too short to ignore the value of such.

But this, then it is enough.

“Those who make deals don’t want to lose money on their deals, don’t they? I’m no exception.” Han Qianqian smiled and looked at the six monkeys.

The next second, with Han three thousand suddenly, six monkeys twelve monkey eyes fiercely big glare ……