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His Destined Path Chapter 3517

Han Qianqian glanced at the waterfall, and there was a shady spot in the middle of the waterfall, which indicated that there was something like a cave after the waterfall.

But it was also because of the existence of the cave that Han Qianqian’s entire being was unusually confused and helpless.

“You’re not going to tell me that this cave of yours is called the Waterfall Cave, are you? When I look at this mountain of yours, it doesn’t look like Mount Huaguo either.” Han Qianqian shook his head with a bitter smile.

“Did I say it was called the Water Curtain Cave? And did I say it was called Mount Huaguo? Are you going in or not? It’s getting late.”

The sky was still very bright at this time, which is not early, even if there is a delay of four or five hours, it is not the turn of darkness.

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The first thing I did was to see the jade monkey with an obvious look of displeasure on his face, and Han Qianqian didn’t bother to be general with him, nodding his head and dashing straight towards the waterfall with a flying body.

The waterfall is about 30 metres high, but the gloom in the middle is only less than two metres, and due to its location, the waves of water falling from above have almost reached their maximum force by this point.

The rapid fall of water hitting one’s hands alone was as painful as a falling stone.

Moreover, the whole waterfall looked normal, but there was actually a very hidden energy shield over it.

Han Qianqian tried several times, but every time his hand touched the surface of the waterfall, the entire raging waterfall came to a halt and all the water condensed into ice.

The ice was nearly half a metre thick, and the outer layer was protected by a circle of energy, so it did not seem easy to break through with brute force.

As soon as Han Qianqian withdrew his hand, the waterfall returned to normal in a matter of moments and the water flowed fiercely.

Han Qianqian looked strangely back at the jade monkey, which was still standing there, looking towards him indifferently, with a hint of mockery on its face.

It was fine for this thing to be looked down upon by people, but to be looked down upon by a monkey was too much.

With a slight retreat, Han Qianqian did not rush to attack, but instead retreated and re-examined the shape and scale of the entire waterfall.

After only a few moments, a relaxed smile appeared on Han Qianqian’s face, and he then moved closer to the waterfall again.

Afterwards, Han Qianqian’s silhouette swept over the waterfall, cutting a strange path, before returning to the somewhat shadowy place in the middle again.

At this time, Han Qianqian was completely clear about what the six formations were that the jade monkey had taken him to see at the top of the mountain.

Naturally, Han Qianqian only needed to follow the flight path of the butterflies and bees on the left side of his face to break the formation in front of him.

It was very simple.

With a slight acceleration of Han Qianqian’s body, he pa*sed through the waterfall.

Behind the waterfall, as Han Qianqian had expected, was a cave that was about close to two metres high and about one metre wide.

The mouth of the cave was about a dozen centimetres inwards, and gusts of water seeped in, slowly forming drops through the roof of the cave, dripping down little by little.

Han Qianqian was just about to take a step, but suddenly he frowned, unintentionally lowering his eyes he suddenly saw several pits on the ground where the water was dripping.

When he crouched down to take a look, Han Qianqian realised that these potholes corresponded to the dripping water above, and although each hole was not large, its depth could almost be described as deeper than a family’s inner brother.

This meant that these drops could truly penetrate rocks quickly, and even more so, it meant that once these drops landed on one’s body, they would seemingly be inconspicuous, but they could directly penetrate one’s body in an instant.

“Almost got punked.” Han Qianqian let out a bitter laugh as his body moved once more, and the next second he was walking towards the cave at a strange pace.

Sure enough, in just an instant, Han Qianqian had pa*sed through the dripping water and entered the cave.

Two metres into the cave, there was a stone door with two stone monkey statues in front of it, and the door was forbidden, as if no outsiders should enter.

Han Qianqian was naturally able to use what he had just learned flexibly, that is, he used his energy in his hands and then directly controlled the two stone monkeys, his eyes slightly closed, and some strange lines appeared in his mind once again.

As shown above, Han Qianqian controlled the stone monkeys and drew a gourd in the same way.

As Han Qianqian finished his movements, the stone door also opened with a bang ……