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His Destined Path Chapter 3516

When Han Qianqian returned his eyes this time and looked again at the beautiful view underground, he suddenly frowned greatly.

It was when Han Qianqian neglected to look around that he was shocked to realise that the beauty underneath was not just a beauty, it was more like a painting.

A painting made up of all the surrounding scenery.

If you look at it from a broad perspective, the flowers and shrubs are in fact closely intertwined with each other, merging with the other pieces of the surrounding landscape to form a giant monkey’s head.

The flowers are the eyes, the shrubs are the two, and the two outermost trees are the ears.

A stream meanders in the middle and lower part, resembling the monkey’s slightly grinning mouth.

This is simply ……

The jade monkey smiled softly, and at this point also finally spoke out, “I thought you couldn’t find it, I was planning to spend the night here.”

The first time I saw it was when it suddenly understood that the jade monkey was not here to wear out his patience, let alone because it was lingering on the beautiful scenery itself.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a monkey in the world. /p>

He was waiting for himself to discover the subtleties of this.

Thinking about it, Han Qianqian was both shocked and a little guilty for a moment, taking people for a*ses.

However, what could a huge picture of a monkey’s head mean?

Han Qianqian looked at it carefully, making sure not to miss every single corner.

Suddenly, he set his eyes on the animals playing in the jungle, the butterflies and bees fluttering from the flowers.

If the mind were to observe them in a slightly more abstract way at this point, it would inevitably reveal a completely different scene.

“This is six formations.” Han Qianqian frowned fiercely.

The jade monkey smiled gently, and did not deny it.

“But it’s not a formation that traps people, it’s …… a formation that teaches people to solve the formations!” Han Qianqian snapped his eyes back and looked at the Jade Monkey.

The Jade Monkey still smiled, only this time he opened his mouth slightly: “Since it is a formation that teaches you, why don’t you observe and learn carefully, instead of running over to see me? What, did I teach you how to learn how to break formations on my face?”

Hearing these sarcastic remarks, Han Qianqian was not angry, instead, after it reminded him so, he hurriedly put his gaze into the field.

Immediately afterwards, he quickly memorised the entire large map in his mind, and then compiled the small animals and butterflies and bees into a line drawn on the map for careful observation.

This is one of Han Qianqian’s learning methods, and he also believes that learning by rote without knowing the method is the most foolish way to learn, and the result is often half the result with twice the effort.

Only when one understands the fundamentals of the matter and the principles of the matter, and after one has understood this point, all other things will be solved, and only after this learning has been put to one’s own use, can one master it completely and apply it to other things.

About an hour later, Han Qianqian then suddenly withdrew his gaze and looked at the jade monkey: “There are six formations hidden inside, but forgive my lack of talent and learning, for these six formations I have surprisingly never seen, so ……”

Han Qianqian wanted to know what kind of formations these formations he hadn’t seen belonged to and what exactly they did.

After all, these things can’t just be seen for nothing, right?

But who knows, just as Han Qianqian spoke, the jade monkey had already turned back and looked at Han Qianqian, somewhat puzzled, “Since you claim not to have seen them, didn’t you just see them?”

“…… you!” Han Qianqian was directly disliked to the point of speechlessness.

“Look at the sky, it’s getting late for you to even look at the formation, and you’re still asking nonsense here to delay time.” The Jade Monkey dropped a sentence and turned around and walked towards the mountain.

Han Qianqian was very depressed, he had been disliked by a monkey several times and had nothing to say.

However, depressed as he was, Han Qianqian still followed the jade monkey’s footsteps and slowly walked towards the bottom of the mountain.

After a while, the two of them returned to the fruit grove where the monkeys were still playing happily, and the scene was very joyful.

The Jade Monkey did not stop, nor did it return to the old peach tree from before, but instead marched around it towards the short mountain behind.

What was this for again?

Although he was puzzled, Han Qianqian hurriedly followed him.

After walking in for about a few miles, the sound of water gurgling became more and more deafening, and after pa*sing through the last woods, one man and one monkey came to a waterfall.

The monkey pointed to the waterfall and, without looking back, said, “Go in!”