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His Destined Path Chapter 3525

“I’m going.”

The impact was so great that even the mercury man, who was quite capable, shouted I go as he retreated straight through the air, trying to use his strength to steady himself, but inevitably no matter how much the b*****d struggled, he could not stop the retreat in any way.


With a watery sound, his entire body exploded directly onto the palace wall a dozen metres away, cracking the wall and exploding his entire body like a water ball, turning into countless water droplets, before he finally held on.


The whole palace, too, shook slightly during this tremor, as if it had been shaken by a giant holding its body.

“D*mn you, if I wasn’t covered in water, I would have been bounced into a meat cake by this guy.”

With a low curse, the mercury man, who had turned into a puddle of water, rea*sembled his human body and stood up in a depressed manner.

When he raised his eyes towards Han Qianqian, he saw that Han Qianqian was surrounded by a dark green light, and the Qi around him was like an evening sunset, which was magical and full of majesty at the same time.

“This is ……” the mercury man as a whole no longer cursed, instead, he frowned, the pupils of his eyes made of mercury also stared intently at Han Qianqian while entranced.

“The aura of the Seventh Spirit Monkey?”

Abruptly, the mercury man seemed to think of something, and his entire being could not help but be startled.

He could clearly feel that at this moment, Han Qianqian was standing there like a god filled with aura, and the entire hall was surrounded by the outer strength of this aura, which was deadly suppressed.

“I understand.”

The mercury man suddenly turned emotional.

“The Seventh Spirit Monkey is the embodiment of all the auras, and as long as one eats the body of the Seventh Spirit Monkey one can obtain all of its auras. Only, precisely because its body is so precious, so the karma of heaven and earth has created a body that is not approved by him, others cannot even touch it, let alone take a bite of it.”

This could not help but make people sigh at the wonders of the world, but they could not help but be deeply impressed by the magnitude of Heaven’s grace for Han Qianqian’s happy encounter at this time.

“This guy, wonderful.”

The mercury man suddenly laughed between himself.

“Zhang Guoshi ah Zhang Guoshi, what do you think you kid is so impulsive for, what do you have to die with this kid? If you were a little more sensible like me, you wouldn’t even have lost your f*cking soul right now.”

“If you hadn’t lost your soul, you wouldn’t now be unable to see what the thing you’ve been longing for your whole life really looks like.”

“This one is the Chosen, what is your boy?”

“Just a guy who serves tea to the Chosen One, what are you doing messing with him?”

“Interesting, interesting, this is really interesting, but let me, who put myself in the position of the end, today clearly see what the result of this entanglement for many years is really like.”


Han Qianqian’s eyes were slightly closed, and his hands slowly opened from open to slightly open.

Surrounded by jade light, Han Qianqian’s body slowly rose and stopped all the way until it was in mid-air.

Immediately afterwards, the speed of the jade light encirclement began to increase, so much so that after a few moments, the speed of the jade light encirclement was so fast that it was almost like standing still.

“Yes but not, not but, yes but not, not but but, yes to non non non non, non to non non non non yes, yes to non non non non, non non non non non, non non non non yes ……”

Han Qianqian, who was floating in the air, mumbled softly and chanted out of his mouth, but the echoes were carried throughout the hall.

Although the mercury man could not understand what Han Qianqian was chanting, he could clearly feel the echoes at this moment, although it only sounded like a soft murmur, it entered his ears and heart like thunder.

Every word was like a heavy hammer in the heart, and every sentence was like a loud sound that echoed in the ears.

Had he not been there to feel it himself, the mercury man would never have experienced this strong and calm power.

At this point, he understood once and for all why Zhang Guosi had fallen into madness because of it, so much so that he could never forget it even after his death.

Those who possessed it could indeed reverse their lives, and could indeed dominate the world.


Suddenly at that very moment, the entire hall shook violently again, and between the eyes of the mercury man who raised his eyes, he unexpectedly discovered that the jade light around Han Qianqian at that moment began to undergo a huge change ……

His entire person was completely shocked beyond words, “This ……”