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His Destined Path Chapter 3526

Black qi, white qi, golden qi, other qi.

Breaths of several colours began to emanate from Han Qianqian’s body and spread into the outer layer of jade light.

Then, the breaths of all colours began to flow rapidly in the positive rotation of the jade light.

Because the speed was so fast, the colourful light that was mixed together at this moment was simply dreamy and wonderful and unspeakable.

It was like a moving cloud of fire, like an oil painting carefully mixed by some master, or like a rainbow of seven colours decorating a heavenly palace.

What’s worse, there was a splintering sound from the walls all around the palace ……

When the mercury man looked away with the sound, he was shocked to find that the most surface stone tiles on the walls of the palace had already started to fall off.

This couldn’t help but make the mercury man’s entire jaw drop, to know that all the materials in this are the cold stones in the river, its hardness already need not be said, Han Qianqian also previously used his body to do the test.

It was hard enough to break Han Qianqian’s veins and tendons, and the force it could withstand was unimaginable.

But at this time, at this moment ……

It suddenly came off on its own without any external force.

How could this …… not make the mercury man gasp in horror!

“No, there is an external force.”

Suddenly, when the mercury man saw that those dislodged walls did not fall to the ground, but instead floated in the air, he figured out the original reason for this.

“Those …… external forces that came out of those multicoloured rays of breath.”

The mercury man was completely dumbfounded, just a little bit of external force emanating from among those breaths, yet it could actually be powerful enough to make the surrounding stone bricks fall, that …… then if this were to hit someone directly, what kind of body would have to be capable and qualified to carry it off, ah?

The mercury man does not know, but one thing he can be very sure of is that even if he himself regains his original true god body at this time, he may not be able to have the confidence to be able to take the full impact of this force.

Thinking of this, he suddenly couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“Jianghu legends really do have their legendary truths, if Zhang Guosi were to obtain such power, he could indeed become a monopoly in the Three Great True Gods.”

“It’s just …… a pity that he doesn’t have that life after all.”

“So, my guess is not wrong, our becoming gods is not because of our uniqueness or anything else, but destiny!”

“And that destiny is to become this brat’s dowry.”

“The world was in chaos, so a new pure land was created in heaven and earth, and he is this pure land, and we are actually nothing more than tools to come to this land to sow seeds, to add to his future full of flowers and plants to bloom and form a new world of their own.”

“Zhang Guosi, do you hear me, you fool? You need not carry a powerful grudge any longer; you, like me, should be relieved.”

As the words fell, the mercury man laughed leisurely, and when he had finished laughing, he looked towards Han Qianqian and suddenly rose to his feet, shouting aloud.

“Heaven and earth tend, the new emperor is enthroned, you and I are the stones!”

Along with this roar of his, at this moment, at Han Qianqian’s place, the multicoloured jade light seemed to be greatly inspired, almost completely still in response to this roar of his.


Immediately afterwards, the huge stone pillar burst apart with a muffled sound, and the stones fell slowly from top to bottom in an unusually neat manner, like a landslide.

But even though the pillar burst and countless stones fell, almost none of the stones ever came within two metres of Han Qianqian, and even if there were one or two unsightly stones that seemed to be on that route, they would often suddenly change their trajectory five metres away and twist around to fall at an extremely unscientific angle in another direction.

The mercury man stood there, his whole body shaking wildly with water at this point.

There was no wind blowing, nor was there any squeezing, but it was as if his whole body was under the siege of a super hurricane.

The mercury man’s face was expressionless, just looking at Han Qianqian, but between the corners of his mouth at this time slightly non-stop began to twitch, and his knees at this time also began to constantly tremble ……

It seems that there is a nameless pressure that is forcing his knees to bend and kneel down.


Suddenly, there was another huge explosion, and when he raised his eyes, at this moment, he only saw that among the stone pillars, after the explosion an object emitting yellow light was slowly rising from among the piles of stones ……

“Treasure of the Moon!”