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His Destined Path Chapter 3528

“Holy sh*t!”

A sentence, when broken down into four words shouted one after the other, you could tell it was filled with every emotion you could imagine.

The mercury man could not wait to pluck his eyes out on the spot and polish them back up to see it all over again.

It was so f*cking bizarre.

For, almost as soon as Han Qianqian opened his eyes, the lock that had been locked on top of the wooden box opened at the same time.

Yes, there was no process of Han Qianqian wasting his strength for this, not even …… Han Qianqian even breathed on it from the beginning to the end, but just like that, the lock that was supposed to be incredibly strong opened naturally.

This is not bullsh*t?

Of course the mercury people know that the environment here is humid, but this lock is definitely not an ordinary metal lock, let alone rust from being here all the time ……

The actual rusting of the lock would not be so exaggerated.

An eye open, and you can be scared open?

He was dumbfounded, and the two men watching the good show from the sky were each staring at each other with wide eyes, looking at each other in disbelief, as if seeking answers.

But what was clear was that at this point in time, neither could give each other an answer.

The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books shook their heads, “This is perhaps the so-called fate of the heavens.”

“There is an arrangement in the underworld.”

The old man who was sweeping the ground smiled and seemed to have suddenly thought of something, nodded heavily, and what he said did seem to be on such a truth.

Sometimes, things in the world are so unpredictable and unfair.

Anyway, it should be the mercury people who should be angry, not them.


And almost as soon as the lock fell off, the entire wooden box began to slowly open as well.

A stream of golden light burst from among the cracks!

When the top of the box was completely open, the golden light had illuminated the entire hall.

An object wrapped in golden light, which could not be seen clearly, slowly flew out of the box, rising all the way up…

The Water Yin Man looked fascinated, and took his gaze with it as it rose.


After rising about a metre, the golden light began to explode violently, blinding one’s eyes.

The mercury man turned his face slightly to the side to avoid its harm, but Han Qianqian, seemingly unaffected, gently raised his eyes and looked at the golden light.

Brush brush brush!

In the centre of the golden light, countless small golden dots flew out and quickly arranged themselves in mid-air, looking from afar, they lined up between them like a golden door curtain hanging in the air.


Another sound rang out, and each of the golden dots of the golden curtain collectively flashed again, and when the light dissipated, what was left behind were individual words of strange shapes but long like fonts.

“Remember …… remember …… remember.”

Han Qianqian’s side had not yet seen clearly, but the mercury man behind him had already shouted wildly.

“These are the secrets hidden by the Treasure of the Moon, but, as I said, you can’t read them.”

Han Qianqian stared and frowned, this is not only unreadable, this is simply ……

It was dizzying to read!

If someone hadn’t told him it was a word, Han Qianqian wouldn’t have thought it was a word.

The most incomprehensible thing to Han Qianqian is at most some ancient Sanskrit or some strange word that he doesn’t know the meaning of, but something like a word, no matter what kind it is, always has its regularity, maybe you don’t know what it means, but at least you know what it is.

The curtain of words hanging in front of you is completely different.

It wasn’t even a word, it was like some big dumb guy in some family had spelled out some English with some weird gestures and then got you some abstract sketches from his head to put together a pile.

Even though the mercury man had warned himself to be prepared before he entered the temple, Han Qianqian never would have f*cking thought that it would be ……

This was the end.

This was too much of a stretch, right?

“Are you sure this is the word?” Han Qianqian frowned and turned to look at the mercury man, his tiny eyes greatly puzzled.

“It should be words, right? Is it hard to be a door curtain?” The mercury man answered Han Qianqian.

Han Qianqian rolled his eyes, wasn’t a door curtain even more ridiculous? Who would be so generous as to hang such a curtain?

But I’m afraid Han Qianqian couldn’t have imagined that there are times when the flowers are planted intentionally, but the willow will grow into shade without any intention.