His Destined Path Chapter 3527


With a miserable cry, the next second, the Mercury Man’s body lurched, his knees finally unable to withstand the invisible pressure within this space, and with a thud, he fell directly to his knees.

At the same time, the force was still madly pressing down on the mercury man’s head in order to make him bend his head.

In stark contrast to him, the Moon’s Treasure, wrapped in yellow light, was slowly rising from the waste rock!

It floated slightly in mid-air and then slowly arrived in front of Han Qianqian.

Han Qianqian was still standing slightly in mid-air, his eyes closed while the divine light surrounded him.


The yellow light of the object completely extinguished in front of Han Qianqian, revealing its original body, a square box of about ten centimetres in length and width.

The box was made of metal, bronze in colour with a hint of black iron, and although the box was not large, the shape was exceptionally exquisite and the workmanship was extremely elaborate.

More importantly, the box is exceptionally strong, with a small lock in the centre holding the whole box in place.

The mercury man was now being pressed extremely hard and water was falling from his body drop by drop onto the floor.

However, even with such hardship, the mercury man still held on completely through clenched teeth.


He roared out in difficulty and finally lifted his head to look at the box in front of Han Qianqian.

His eyes were filled with unusually strange and complex emotions, but one pupil remained fixed on the lock of that box.

Yes, he was curious to know how Han Qianqian should open the box next.

It was a rare lock that he had spent a great deal of time on, using all the treasures he had acquired almost all his life and searching for a master to build.

If he didn’t use the only key, the lock would be dead on, and he knew this better than anyone else.

For, he had tried it an unknown number of times.

He had full confidence in it.

The key was still in his hand, but at this moment he did not say where it was, firstly because it had happened suddenly, and secondly because since the chest had already arrived in front of Han Qianqian, he wanted to see how Han Qianqian would open the chest next.

He believed that this would be the biggest problem Han Qianqian had encountered so far.

He was also looking forward to seeing what kind of surprise Han Qianqian, a guy who had already surprised him enough, would use to complete the puzzle in front of him.

Or perhaps, from his point of view, this was the reward he had exhausted his life to get, he had given so much to him, everything he had, including his life.

If he could take some comfort in exchange for this, then he would be able to rest in peace and add some comfort to the rest of his miserable life.

So, he chose to wait ……

The only thing he never knew was that, apart from the pair of eyes that were staring intently at Han Qianqian at the moment, there were actually two other pairs of eyes that were looking intently at this place through this high moon palace, through the layers of clouds and overcast clouds.

“In fact, I’m quite curious as to how Han Qianqian should obtain this Moon’s Treasure without the help of that fellow’s key.” The earth-sweeping old man laughed gently, unable to help but say.

The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books smiled and did not reply, however, the look in his eyes had shown that at this moment, he actually had the exact same attitude as the Earth-Sweeping Old Man.

He was also curious.

“Even if you and I wanted to open this lock, I’m afraid it would take quite a bit of time.” The old man said in a soft voice.

The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books nodded and opened his mouth slightly, “Today we can still compare him to you and me as an example, what about the future?”

The words fell and the two laughed.

The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books shook their heads and pointed to the sky, “How it opens is not for us to think about, it will be arranged.”

As the two men once again lowered their gazes into the hall, Han Qianqian had by now closed his eyes for a long time.

Suddenly, he snapped open his eyes.

And with a strange ringing sound, only to hear the mercury man follow with a cry of surprise!

“Ooh ……”