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His Destined Path Chapter 3530


The two golden dots suddenly transformed, surprisingly in a slight movement in their position, and simultaneously transformed into two big words.



Han Qianqian snapped, and it just happened to be the two big words he recognized earlier!

sh*t, this guy ……

It could actually do that!

It’s really still a word!

“If it’s the right one, it will automatically appear the correct one, I mean ……” Han Qianqian frowned.

The mercury man instantly understood what this Han Qianqian guy was trying to do, and laughed on the spot, saying, “You kid are trying to guess one word at a time?”

Han Qianqian didn’t say anything, but the answer was already stated in his eyes.

Since it could do so and so, it could naturally use the loophole in this rule to make a blind guess ah.

Although it was true that there were ten thousand words in the world, it was always limited, and naturally it would always come to an end.

It’s much easier and lighter than going out and spending decades and centuries travelling the world, and, well, it’s not that desperate, is it?

The mercury man shook his head: “I admit I’m not as chicken as you kid, but it doesn’t mean I’m pure fool, right? You’ll be able to reflect this shameless method right away, I’m late but I’ll always get there.”

Han Qianqian frowned slightly: “Meaning you’ve already tried it?”

“I’ve tried it several times.” The mercury man let out a bitter laugh, then looked at the treasure of the moon and said helplessly, “This thing may really be a treasure, the underworld seems to have a providential master or self-awareness in general, knowing that you are trying the word, dead or alive, there will be no change to tell you if you guessed the right word.”

“This ……” Han three thousand back to the eyes also looked at the treasure of the moon.

Thinking about it being a top-notch treasure, it actually makes sense in case it really is going to be a bit of divine knowledge or something like that.

The only way left is just to spend another few hundred years to get that little bit of hope, just like he did back then?

To be honest, Han Qianqian is not a fan of this kind of practice.

It’s like buying a lottery ticket on Earth, it’s good to have the suspense there, but if you want to make a fortune from it, you’ll probably end up dying in your own dreams, and it can only be a surprise that doesn’t affect your development today.

“Is it really still just an empty joy?” Han Qianqian frowned slightly, carefully pondering if any other possibility of an alternative solution existed, “Again, or should I just do what you did and go around some so-called big mountain?”

The mercury man shook his head and said in a bitter voice, “I think you don’t have to, the legend of the half-beast man is very much up in the air I reckon.”

“What about the girl you met? I don’t know how many years have pa*sed since then, but what if there are descendants of her, or her people?”

“Didn’t you say that her grandfather knew this writing? In that case, then it’s highly likely that this is a script of their clan, and if we can find someone from their clan ……”

Before Han Qianqian could finish his sentence, the mercury man interrupted in time, while a pot of cold water was unceremoniously poured on his head.

“I tossed and turned to finally find this, what you said you think I have not bothered to think about this?” At this point, the mercury man looked at Han Qianqian helplessly, “You’re sarcastically calling me stupid again.”

Han Qianqian laughed bitterly, he didn’t mean it, but the mercury man was obviously joking as well.

“I talked to the girl, life in the mountains was harsh, and with the heavy snowfall in those years, food was even more scarce in the mountains, which caused almost all of their already small clan to starve to death in the mountains, and this even included all her relatives as well.”

“She was one of the few who survived by a fluke.”

“She also helped me find the other clansmen who survived later, but there weren’t really many, just about ten or so, and I asked them all over.”

Hearing this, Han Qianqian’s heart went cold for a long time.

“There wasn’t anyone, who knew any of these things, was there?”

The mercury man nodded, “Not bad, none of them knew them, however, one person gave me a clue.”