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His Destined Path Chapter 3531

“Huh.” The mercury man laughed, looking at Han Qianqian’s rather interested look, he really felt a bit helpless, “That man also said that he had seen that girl’s grandfather use this character.”

“He said it wasn’t actually a script from within their clan, but something his grandfather had learned in a valley, though that place had long since been greatly distorted by an earthquake and was now a bottomless abyss.”

“I was quite surprised at the time, so I rushed to track it down, and finally ……”

Han Qianqian was listening with interest and could not help but say sharply, “What happened at the end?”

“In the end that was indeed an abyss, and then …… I came here.” The mercury man did not want to say.

Han Qianqian was stunned, but when he reflected it, he almost didn’t give a laugh, feeling that this guy was just so mistakenly fooled into coming here.

It was a little sad in a way, but also a little funny in a way.

“Laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh, make it sound like you’ve figured out this Moon’s Treasure right now. Maybe, later on, you’ll have a worse time than I did trying to crack it.” The mercury man said disdainfully.

Han Qianqian smiled, “Don’t worry, I’m not as obsessed as you are, this thing just comes with the territory for me. So you still have a chance to think clearly about whether you want to hand this thing over to me or not, maybe it will actually fall into my hands.”

The mercury man rolled his eyes, “Do I have a choice? If I had a choice, I wouldn’t have given this to anyone, I’d have kept it for myself, doesn’t it smell good?”

“Unfortunately I don’t have a choice, what’s the point of keeping it here, it’s just going to rot and stink? On the contrary, if I give it to you, even if you do take it back as a door curtain, then at least it will be an object to add to your home.”

Hearing the mercury man’s words, Han Qianqian nodded, “Good, then I’m grateful, I’ll accept it.”

With these words, Han Qianqian moved his hand, and the “curtain” flew back into the box, and as soon as the box was closed, the golden light it emitted slowly disappeared.


Han Qianqian collected it again, and the jade light on his body abruptly entered his body, and the stone bricks on the wall fell to the ground, and everything went back to the way it was before.

“The spirit monkey has been obtained, the treasure of the moon is also given to you, whether it is me, or that Zhang Guoshi, I am afraid that at least the last wish of the heart has been fulfilled, we have pa*sed away, we should follow the wind.”

“Han Qianqian, it’s almost time for you to go.”

“There are still the Four Heavenly Kings and the Sun Gods on the path of the Sun Tan, so remember to be more careful.”

“If you eventually break through here in a big way one day, please also fulfil our request.”

After saying this, a soft silent chant came out of his mouth, and immediately afterwards a key flew from the dark out to Han Qianqian’s face.

“This is the key to the chest, although I didn’t expect it to open itself in front of you, but it’s always the case that they were originally a set.”

Han Qianqian smiled and took the key in his hand with a light grasp, “I’ll make a note of it, you can rest a*sured that I will bring your bones back to the Eight Worlds for reburial.”

“Good, good.” The mercury man looked at Han Qianqian with satisfaction, unable to hide the smile and love in his eyes, “They say that men love women, but to tell you the truth, I like you more than women when I see you.”

“If only I were alive, even if I didn’t have a son as capable as you, it would be enough to take you as a disciple or to recognise you as a brother. I really looked forward to watching you grow up.”

“Unfortunately, Heaven’s fate is not blessed, so I can only be here to see you one last time.” Speaking of this, the mercury man looked gloomy and sad.

Han Qianqian smiled gently, “I will carve a stone tablet in front of your grave, the tomb of Du Shuiyue, and my brother Han Qianqian will stay.”

Hearing these words, the mercury man was clearly stunned, but after a moment to reflect, he laughed loudly, “Good, good, old brother Han, you’re a brother I’ve decided.”

“Haha, hahahahahahaha!”

The mercury man laughed wildly and his entire body suddenly floated into mid-air before bursting into flames.

When he adjusted a little and opened his eyes again, there was no mercury man, let alone the original palace.

“Brother, bon voyage.”

A voice in the sky came indistinctly, Han Qianqian raised his eyes, but only to see the barrier in the distance, was disappearing ……