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His Destined Path Chapter 3537

“How do you know?” Zhu Yanshuo was instantly shocked.

The divine Dragon Envoy had only just arrived here, and hadn’t had any interaction with the people of the city the entire time, and when Ye Shijun recounted the process just now, he also used b*tch instead of Han Qianqian’s name throughout, so how did this divine Dragon Envoy know about Han Qianqian?

Ye Shijun also froze, a little startled.

“The Divine Dragon Envoy is under one person and under ten thousand people, naturally, he knows everything about heaven and earth, what’s so strange about that?” Fu Tian laughed promptly.

Hearing Fu Tian’s words, the group of people suddenly understood at the same time, and could not help but one by one was revealing a smile, secretly sighing at the power of the divine Dragon Envoy.

He was really a big brother.

But unlike their joy, the beauty in blue had a tremor in her heart, a slight frown on her brow, and a tear in her eyes that could not be detected.

It was him!

It really was him!

Han Qianqian!

She couldn’t say exactly what kind of mood she was in, she was in a bit of a mess.

Raising her eyes slightly, she let out a breath: “That’s it for today, I’m tired and need to rest first.”

With those words, she rose to her feet.

Zhu Yanshuo did not dare to be slow in the slightest and hurriedly stood up, bending down to do the inviting.

It was Ye Shijun, on the contrary, whose face was covered with regret and loss, and whose eyes looked anxiously at Fu Tian.

Obviously, he hadn’t even had much interaction with this beautiful woman, the Dragon Envoy, yet the Dragon Amba*sador had to go down to rest.

How could an old man like Fu Tian not see what Ye Shijun was anxious about at this moment?

What did he rely on to get to where he was today?

Obviously, he knows how to get things done, and he knows how to read people’s minds.

However, the other party was a special envoy of the divine dragon, and even if he was given ten thousand guts, he would not dare to openly speak against the special envoy of the divine dragon, so he smiled gently and said, “By the way, Elder divine Dragon, that Han Qianqian is very powerful and should not be underestimated, and now he has disappeared, I wonder if Elder divine Dragon has any special method to find him? ”

“Are you doubting me?” The blue-clothed beauty glared back at the sound of her voice in dissatisfaction.

Almost at the same time, the four children beside her also fiercely turned to stare at him as if they were dead.

Fu Tian hurriedly knelt on the ground, “Fu Tian would never dare, Fu Tian is asking and requesting this for the sake of the greater good.”

“You know very well, Elder Divine Dragon, we were already beaten back by Han Qianqian’s group of b*tches and our morale was low, now that we have been searching for so long and have not seen the slightest trace of him, our internal morale has dropped again and again.”

“As the saying goes, an army can’t be formed without energy, and a regiment can’t be formed without strength. If the morale is gone, the hearts of the people will also be scattered.”

With these words, Fu Tian kowtowed his head to the ground in a deep plea.

But in reality, his face, which was posted on the ground, was smiling wickedly.

Ye Shijun was also pleased and satisfied that this fox, Fu Tian, was indeed quite good at finding such an opportunity to temporarily keep the divine dragon envoy.

The four children were about to make their move when they heard the words, but the beautiful woman in blue gently pulled back the four children with a slight click of her hand, and then swept a glance at all the people present with a slight wink.

When she saw that all the others did not say anything, but obviously looked at her with bated breath, the beauty in blue laughed softly.

“Good, since you all want to know, there is no harm in telling you.”

“If it is the sun, there will be a shadow, and if it is the moon, there will be a shortage.” The beauty in blue finished in a cold voice, then added, “Any thing, any thing, as long as it exists, must have its root, and what I am looking for is the root.”

With these words, she waved her hand, but turned around and walked towards the back of the hall.

Zhu Yan Shuo did not understand what this meant, but at the moment, he could only hurry to invite the Divine Dragon Envoy to rest in the back hall.

Although he had come in a hurry, Zhu Yanshuo had arranged for an upper room, the most luxurious one in the city lord’s residence, which was a hundred times more luxuriously decorated than his own master bedroom.

However, just a few steps out from the side door of the hall, the woman in blue suddenly stopped in her tracks.

Zhu Yanshuo was a bit uncertain, and looked back at her, saying: “What’s wrong, Elder God …… Divine Dragon? Is there …… anything to be dissatisfied with?”

“Han three thousand lived here with you?” She asked.

Zhu Yanshuo was startled: “How does this …… divine Dragon envoy know?”

Before Zhu Yanshuo could wait for an answer, the blue-clothed beauty’s words again made his whole person almost doubt his life when he heard ……