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His Destined Path Chapter 3536

Hearing these words, the blue-clothed beauty did not change in the slightest, only looking at Zhu Yanshuo on the ground indifferently.

It was true that she had rushed here this time, indeed at Ye Shijun’s request, to come to this Cailuo City to find that large group of people who had disappeared.

Ye Shijun had sent an urgent request for help a few hours ago, and when the top knew about it, they had even sent themselves out personally.

She knew very well that if she could send herself, it must be an urgent and important matter, so she did not dare to be reckless and rushed over here.

Of course, she did not have any pride in coming here, although she did have her own methods.

If it had been in the past, she might have responded to Ye Shijun’s smug look with confidence and even a certain amount of arrogance.

Thinking about it, the city’s roots are now in full bloom, and there are many talented and talented people, plus Ye’s elite soldiers and generals, so they are combining two forces into one.

With their power, they could actually take on a large city, let alone use it to besiege some other people!

But that was before, and after meeting someone, she had actually stopped dragging the big one long ago.

Although those days were probably the happiest and saddest of her life, they were undeniably the most memorable of her life.

That one person, who made her happy and made her sad, taught her many things.

And one of the most important things is not to be proud and arrogant in front of anyone, otherwise you will face the end at any time.

The former is when you have known the reasonableness and truth of such reasoning, while the latter is when you have experienced all that it entails first-hand.

Obviously, she was the latter.

That man has refreshed his understanding and knowledge of it time and time again by his own actions, and has punished those who looked down on him, or were complacent in front of him, severely by hitting them in the face again and again.

How could she dare to be arrogant when hundreds of thousands of troops were still doing so?

“Can you tell us what happened that day?” The beauty in blue looked at Zhu Yanshuo and said softly.

Zhu Yanshuo was about to speak, but at the side, Ye Shijun gave a slight cough, obviously intending to stop him, and then he said, “The process is simple.”

As he spoke, Ye Shijun told the story of the battle at the broken temple that day, keeping his eyes on the beautiful woman in blue throughout the whole process.

He was willing to take over the words, and his aim was naturally to attract the attention of the Divine Dragon Envoy, but to his annoyance and disappointment, this woman kept her eyes looking elsewhere even during her own narration, rarely looking at herself.

Until he finished, she was still deep in thought, not taking herself seriously at all.

Ye Shijun’s eyes were on fire and his teeth were clenched.

But in contrast to Ye Shijun’s anger, the beauty in blue at this moment didn’t care in the slightest, her whole face was like ice, but inside she was in waves.

The resemblance, the resemblance, was uncanny.

They were both so forceful, they were both so brave and fierce fighting ten thousand armies, looking out of the world and ten thousand anger, dashing and extraordinary.

In fact, he should also have come to the land of the devils, so a lot of things already matched up.

At the thought of this, the blue-clothed beauty was in a somewhat excited mood, and her eyes suddenly had some expectation in them.

But the next second, her eyes were filled with despair and sadness again.

What had she been thinking about herself? Even if it was him, so what?

Could she go and see him?

Would she have the face to see him?

Oh, it was all just bitterness.

And even if one despises everything, if one does not want this face, if one does not want this life, even if one goes to see him regardless of everything, what is the point?

I’m afraid he wouldn’t be happy, or even hate to kill himself.

Some people are destined to pa*s through, but this pa*ser-by is more important than anyone else around you.

It is amazing how things happen sometimes. What else can you do but sigh to yourself that your life is miserable, and that time is also fate?

When she thought of this, her immersed eyes returned slightly, regaining the kind of shine she had just had, raising her eyes she glanced at Ye Shijun, her eyes a little complicated.

“I want to ask a question.”

Seeing her finally look at herself, Ye Shijun’s originally endless anger was instantly extinguished, and instead all was delighted and happy: “Good.”

“That gang, the person at the head, is it called …… Han …… San …… Thousand?!”