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His Destined Path Chapter 3539

After coming out of the Moon Pool, Han Qianqian took the Evil Taotie all the way towards the Sun Pool, and for some reason, Han Qianqian thought he had caught a cold when he sneezed on the way.

But this is obviously some kind of bullsh*t, with Han Qianqian’s body, not to mention staying in the Moon Palace for a while, it would be impossible to stay for a decade or a century.

“Grandma, who’s chanting about me?” Wiping his nose, Han Qianqian was a little depressed, and as he lifted his leg, he officially crossed the disappearing barrier and entered the Sun Pond.

Compared to the Moon Pool, the environment of the Sun Pool was much better, perhaps because of the high terrain, there were fewer swamps, the paths were better, and the plants were also more lush.

Occasionally, Han Qianqian could see all kinds of birds and animals in the jungle, or when he raised his eyes, the sun was shining through the overcast clouds overhead, so if you didn’t say that this was a sun pool but some natural attraction, I believe no one would suspect anything.

However, it is clear that some things are not to be taken at face value.

Or rather, the calmer the surface, the more fierce the danger may actually be hidden.

Although Han Qianqian had been looking at the scenery everywhere along the way, in reality, his divine sense was always outwardly focused, carefully guarding against any possible sneak attacks and crises.

The mercury man had said that there were also four heavenly kings on the way to the Sun Tan.

Although the term “Four Heavenly Kings” was truly cheesy to Han Qianqian, an earthling, to the extent that he wanted to vomit a little, from a rational point of view, how could those who could be called Heavenly Kings be generalists?

Besides, it was an indisputable fact that the True God’s Soul of Sun Tan was several times stronger than that of Moon Tan, so Han Qianqian did not dare to be the least bit careless in any way.

“It’s already noon, rest and relax.”

Sweeping a glance at the sun in the sky, it was slightly fierce, although it was quite obscured by the overcast clouds, but at least Han Qianqian felt hot and bright at this moment.

The Taotie of Evil came casually, and once he stopped and sat down, he directly laid down.

However, looking at the expression on his face, it was obvious that he was a little tired and ……

“Hungry?” Han Qianqian looked at this guy with a bitter smile.

The Evil Taotie nodded.

When Han Qianqian was injured, it had stepped forward and was heavily wounded. Although Han Qianqian had been using his energy to heal its wounds with the Five Elements Divine Stone along the way, his substantial battles plus his own self-healing had also depleted its energy tremendously, and it seemed normal for it to be hungry.

Han Qianqian took a look around, the sky was clear, it was noon, and the surrounding area was relatively normal, so he nodded, “Shall I get you something to eat?”

The Taotie of Evil shook his head, then nodded at himself.

“You mean to tell me to cultivate more and you can just go out and find food yourself?” Han Qianqian asked.

The Evil Taotie nodded, that was what it meant now.

It knew that it had just learned a whole lot and hadn’t fully digested it, and now that it had gained the Moon’s Treasure and the Seventh Spirit Monkey’s aura, if it didn’t polish properly, it would have to die of living.

Therefore, it could just solve its own problems.

Han Qianqian was slightly worried, but the good intentions of the Evil Taotie were well understood by Han Qianqian himself and quite justified.

Thinking of this, Han Qianqian nodded: “Then go by yourself, be careful around you, and also, this place is extremely heavy with Yin energy, and the creatures here are also very strange, so you should not eat too much, understand?”

The Evil Taotie nodded, and then, with a rise, ran off into the jungle.

Han Qianqian shook his head with a helpless, bitter smile, if not called Taotie, just now when walking, but also a breathless look, even when sitting and resting a look like dying, but once talking about eating, this guy instantly full-blooded resurrection.

The moment he said he was going to eat, Han Qianqian naturally needed to eat as well.

Han Qianqian gave up on the Moon’s Treasure for the time being, and the jade qi that the Seventh Spirit Monkey brought to his body was his top priority at the moment.

Having thought of this, Han Qianqian did not say anything more and entered into meditation.

A burst of jade light with colourful divine light once again emerged from his body.

But almost at that moment, suddenly, the wind in the sky roared, originally it was clear but in the blink of an eye, black clouds overwhelmed the top ……