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His Destined Path Chapter 3540

“Ooo ……”

“Ooo ……”

I don’t know whether it was the roar of the wind, or the cry of the ghosts, but the gusts of miserable and sharp sounds were also coming from all sides at this time.

The whole world has instantly gone from daylight to evening, grey and black, nothing can be seen clearly, and the biting cold is also their biggest accomplice, blowing the weeds around, shaking the trees, and chilling people to the bone.

At this moment, Han Qianqian was still sitting there, his face as usual, jade light with coloured light around his body, not moving and not shaking, letting the wind roar outside him and the black clouds overwhelm him.

“Pa-la, pa-la!”

The wind grew stronger and stronger.

It blew so hard that the trees, almost as thick as a man’s body, were pressing frantically at their waists.

The clouds got even lower.

In the distance rivers and even heaven and earth were connected in a line.


The sky was full of rain, suddenly pouring down like peas in a frenzy, smashing the whole jungle with a scattering of rattling and miscellaneous noises.

Ta, ta!

Han Qianqian’s whole body is free of rain, between the closed eyes, but the falling rain as if forgetting it this place in general, have taken the initiative to avoid it, only in its side around and fall.

In a few drops, the ground around him was dented with a fist-sized hole every time.

Some tens of minutes later, the rain was still falling and the wind was still strong.

However, in the already calm jungle, a silent, yet dramatic change had taken place.

The river had long since filled the riverbed and was rising to swallow the jungle as it swept across its banks.

The jungle, which had previously been green, was now silver and white, a sea of water.

“Clatter, clatter!”

The water was running like a fierce beast in Han Qianqian’s ears, originally at least a dozen metres away from the river, but at this moment it was still difficult to stop the flood, carrying rolling rocks and tumultuous currents, with broken trees and limbs, coming madly.

Yet, strangely enough, Han Qianqian was still sitting there, surrounded by light.

Even though he was surrounded by the raging waters, he was still sitting on the ground as if he were flat.

In fact, Han Qianqian was indeed sitting on the flat ground, even though the torrents had already surged around him except for the place where he was sitting, he was still sitting there as if nothing had happened.

The water was already at least a metre deep, and the place where he was sitting stood there like a pillar, not to mention being washed away by the mad rush of water, and not even a single centimetre of fine sand had moved, which was nothing short of miraculous.

Gradually, the rain stopped.

The dark clouds dispersed, the sun shone again, the blazing sun scorched the earth and the temperature began to rise wildly.

This time, several more hours pa*sed.

The sky was already full of floodwaters, but under the blazing sun, the water faded and the flood waters receded, leaving only a wreck.

Snap, snap!

The earth was drying up, and not only did the surface flood dissipate, but even its own body, cracked and opened up in the dryness, revealing a deep dumb mouth.

If earlier it had been flooded with water, then at this point it was as if there had been a long drought for ten thousand years, with no rain in sight, and the lush plants were beginning to wither and die, with Han Qianqian at the centre of a fifty-mile radius that had become a desert.

However, Han Qianqian was still sitting there, a patch of gra*s beneath his buttocks, even though the mud beneath him had long been standing in a column because the tide had receded.

But it was, as always, the only greenish “interstate” here.


Suddenly, a soft sound rang out and several areas of dry gra*s began to burn because of the blazing sun overhead and because of the extreme heat of the moment.

The fire came quickly and in the blink of an eye, the gra*s was engulfed in flames and a blaze was created.

The fire spread, from the gra*s to the dead trees and to the broken branches on the ground, and in time the fire grew bigger and bigger ……

In just a few moments, the surrounding area was already full of fire and the earth was completely engulfed in flames.

Han Qianqian was still sitting there, letting the fire around him roar like a devil, swallowing people’s souls, but he closed his eyes lightly, calmly.

It was as if everything around him had nothing to do with him.

Strangely enough, even though the fire was completely engulfing him, he did not dare to come near Han Qianqian in the slightest, but only roared impotently beside him.

However, at this moment, Han Qianqian suddenly opened his eyes ……