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His Destined Path Chapter 3541

As far as the eye could see, there was already a large sea of fire, and it was impossible to see clearly what was beyond the fire.

But Han Qianqian’s eyes were not the slightest bit panicked, instead, they were full of calmness.

With a smile, Han Qianqian closed his eyes once again.

Almost immediately after Han Qianqian closed his eyes, the fierce and incomparable flames stopped, as if they had suddenly run out of material to burn.

In the end, the fire that had grown so fiercely in a moment was reduced to nothing again in a flash.

The whole earth was completely like a burning field, barren and sad, with only remnants of ash.

And the wind, again.

The wind, again, came.

It blew some coolness to the scorched earth, and also blew clouds to block the crazy hot sunlight, making the whole land much cooler in relative temperature.

In just a few dozen minutes, Han Qianqian felt cool and comfortable with the wind blowing.

But this comfort was not delayed for long, and Han Qianqian felt a little chilled.

Then, this coolness grew and grew and grew, and even, the temperature began to enter the freezing point.

The earth was dried by the wind, and the ashes on the ground were blown away.

The wind became even stronger, like a knife cutting.

Above the ground, the wind had already cut gash after gash.

The mouths looked like they had been cut by a knife, the cracks were sharp and flush, some dozens of centimetres deep all the way around.

The ground was full of such gouges!

This was not a blowing wind, it was clearly a wind blade.

Han Qianqian was still sitting there, eyes closed and concentrating, his body surrounded by divine light, even though the wind outside was like a knife, inside Han Qianqian’s hair remained untouched in the slightest.


The wind was even fiercer!

The divine light did not move, but the ground was already blown over, the mountains and the earth fell, and the wind moved with a bang.

In an instant, the sky and the earth changed colour, dust and sand rolled in a grey haze, and by chance the hills rose to the ground.

The sand was like a bullet, and the huge hills and boulders were like cannonballs, just hitting the air and landing on the ground, making deep craters and destroying the stone.

It is inconceivable that if someone were standing in this wind, the force would be like the blast of ten thousand guns and cannons, and there would be nothing left in the attack.


Han Qianqian was still sitting there.

Not moving, not shaking!

No desire to stop!

And so!

The wind stopped.

The sand and rocks on the ground had also stopped.

Only the hills of the surrounding land had shifted and changed shape, a completely different world from the one before.

But in any case, everything was at peace for the time being.

Han Qianqian also opened his eyes slowly at this time.

The corners of his mouth smiled slightly, and immediately afterwards, the jade light withdrew, and Han Qianqian’s body returned to its normal state as he stood up slowly with a slight twitch of his mouth.

“Kun, Kan, Li, Xun, the wind blows up the earth of the earth, and when it takes a false marquis, it turns into a hill, it is a burgundy, the wind pokes and the fire rises, the wind and fire produce its sound, like the sound of thunder, then it is an earthquake. The earth and water pa*s each other, and the time to move, then get gold visible pearl, since become tui.”

“After that, water and fire are compatible and can produce their qi, naturally with qi accompanied by water, the shape of the sky into Qian. Since then, all things its difference actually does not, but only exhaustive or not. In this case, for example, the wind rolls furiously over the surface of the water and forms waves, which naturally can be called dangerous. In this way, the four phases can produce all things by themselves.”

“Am I right? The Four Heavenly Kings!”

As Han Qianqian spoke, he raised his head slightly and looked into the sky before him.

However, as he looked around him, there was nothing but dead silence, except for the deathly aura left by the fire and wind, where was there anything else in the vicinity?

But Han Qianqian’s eyes were unusually confident, as if, in front of his eyes, there was something.

“The four phases are called the four kings, interesting.” Han Qianqian smiled, then he shook his head with a faint smile and hung it down, looking at the ground.

In the next second, he suddenly raised his hand, and a blazing fire instantly flew out of his hand, attacking straight ahead like a dagger.


The blaze flew about halfway into the air, but it suddenly collided with something invisible in the air, and between the explosions of fire and light, it seemed to have burst on top of some barrier.

The fire went out, and although the barrier did not appear, it left a slight crack where it had previously collided.

“Oh, interesting, interesting.”

Immediately afterwards, a hideous laugh came from the air, and the next second, a fiery red figure slowly emerged from transparency out of the whole in mid-air.


And almost at the same time, Han Qianqian’s left, right and back three parties also at the same time in the sound of laughter each revealed three figures ……