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His Destined Path Chapter 3546

When he heard this, the fire monster was stunned, naturally he did not expect Han Qianqian to make such a remark.

But then, he laughed out loud when he understood, and looked at Han Qianqian and said, “Brat, have you lost your f*cking mind or did I just hit you with a brain attack?”

“Are you sick?”

“How much force did you use? If you could have used a little more force, you wouldn’t have been crushed like this.”

He was furious, Han Qianqian should have been on his knees begging for mercy from it, and never here talking to him in such a tone, which was really intolerable and really infuriating.

In response to his cursing, Han Qianqian was not only not the least bit angry, but also wore a faint smile: “This is a moment, it doesn’t mean I’ll lose if I’m pressed like this, so why shouldn’t I be like this?”

“Like you should know better than I do, the truth that respecting one’s enemy is actually respecting one’s own life as well, right?”

“I’m not afraid to tell you that I only used half a percent of my strength just now.”

Han Qianqian said, with a hint of ruthlessness in his eyes, at the same time, his hands began to slowly increase his power.

“You’re bragging to me, how could you have only used half a percent of your strength? You ……” the angry and disbelieving fire monster roared, but between his words he was completely dumbfounded.

The reason is that apparently in between his rant, he could clearly feel a huge force spreading from Han Qianqian at this time and frantically started to attack himself all the way back.

He tried to resist, tried to increase his power a little to suppress it, but ……

But those strengths of his at this moment are as if he had not eaten, not to mention counter-suppressing Han Qianqian, even to stop himself from retreating can not be done at all.

“How …… how could …… this be?”

Looking at their own constant slow retreat, this time the fire monster only finally no previous arrogance, a no official face but still showed a panic open mouth.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

He did so, and so did the three other monsters.

They don’t understand, even these are completely beyond their cognition.

How did this …… turn out to be so?!

It was clear that big brother had already formed an absolute suppression of that kid, and that he would only die and never have any possibility of escaping, let alone that he would be able to complete any so-called counter-attack.

But what he saw before him was real and true.

In response to their surprise, Han Qianqian did not have the slightest mood swing.

He really hadn’t fooled the fire monster, he had really only used fifty percent of his strength, that was really the truth.

Of course, this was from Han Qianqian’s perspective.

From another point of view, Han Qianqian might have indeed cheated him again.

This was because Han Qianqian was only speaking from the perspective of his own power and the power of the Seventh Spirit Monkey being turned into two.

What he had been dominating his own burning silence was in fact simply the power of his own body. And the fundamental reason why he did so was that Han Qianqian wanted to try it out.

To see what effect his power would have after being refined by the aura of the Seventh Spirit Monkey.


In the comparison with the fire monster, Han Qianqian had indeed lost.

But instead of being sad, Han Qianqian was exceptionally happy.

To be able to perform like this was already far beyond Han Qianqian’s expectations.

Without the Seventh Age Spiritual Qi training, Han Qianqian still believed that with his own strength he would have been able to fight the Fire Monster, but that process was clear to Han Qianqian, and it was bound to be very hard, even to the point of losing his skin without dying.

However, that would only be possible if he was at his full strength.

Han Qianqian had experienced several battles at the Moon Pool, and had spent a lot of energy digesting what he had learned, so what else could Han Qianqian not be satisfied with?

Of course, having tested his own power, what Han Qianqian wanted to do now was naturally not to experiment.

What he wanted to do was already to break the game.

“I forgot to tell you, the last person who questioned how many percent of my power I had used ended up quite miserable.”

“Now, I’m really going to bring out my full strength, I didn’t want to do this, but I can’t help it, I’m a person who is most afraid of people saying I’m bragging.”

“Grandson, grandfather is coming, you must be prepared oh.”

The words fell, Han Qianqian suddenly jade qi surged wildly all over his body ……