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His Destined Path Chapter 3547


A great explosion of jade light!

“Burning Silence!”

A roar of fury!

Giant red in his right hand!

“Heavenly Fire!”

Double fire around the hand!

“Give me a break!”

Two fire dragons wrapped Han Qianqian’s giant fist and bombarded forward.

The air was tearing, the earth, even, was trembling!

The sky was red, the entire surroundings were set on fire, even the air was completely silent at this moment.

The fire monster tried his best to resist, countless fire water kept dripping down his body, he already felt like his body was nearing its limit.

However, this was still unstoppable against Han Qianqian’s fist, and even …… he was faintly falling backwards between.


Han Qianqian’s words fell, left hand slightly swing, in an instant, the fire monster only felt the giant mountain suddenly slammed into itself in general, almost not even a strain to eat, the whole person will be directly Che defeated retreat.

Between several dozen meters of retreat, the body flying backwards, Han San in front of the fire has suddenly ignited, the huge sea of fire instantly engulfed the fire monster directly.


In the sea of fire, the fire monster screamed miserably, tearing roar after roar, three monsters vaguely from the fire can barely see at this time a fire shadow is inside the incomparable pain struggling.

Not to mention being tormented in there, even when the three monsters were looking at it, they all felt pain in their bodies.

Brutal, this was just too D*mn brutal.

“Come back.” With a soft drink, Han Qianqian’s hand closed, and suddenly the sea of fire in the sky suddenly disappeared.

Everything was back to normal.

Only a pitch-black black shadow fell violently from mid-air before hitting the ground with a heavy thud.

“Big brother!”

Seeing this, the three monsters hurriedly rushed towards the place where the fire monster had landed, only at this moment, the fire monster was already rolling all over the ground in pain.

The water monster hurriedly summoned water energy and spread it on the fire monster, along with a burst of white smoke rolling, the dark fire inside the fire monster was extinguished, and stopped rolling and struggling, lying on the ground and could only pant heavily.

Seeing that their big brother was alright, the three monsters were then slightly rea*sured and looked back at Han Qianqian.

There was still anger in their eyes, but it was clear that there was more fear in their eyes as well.

“Pa pa!”

Han Qianqian gently slapped his face with his right hand, and then, smiling at the four monsters, said, “How about that? Was that a loud enough punch to the face?”


If it was simply other things, Han Qianqian really wasn’t too sure that he could win. Although there were seven lifetimes of aura in their bodies, it was clear that these four monsters were not generalists to be called Heavenly Kings.

However, Han Qianqian was confident when it came to fire.

He already had a certain level of fire, and now that he had cultivated the divine skill of Burning Silence, Han Qianqian’s confidence could not be said to be overwhelming, but at least it was definitely transcendent.

Playing with fire?

Han Qianqian will be afraid?

“You ……”

Hearing Han Qianqian’s words, the three monsters were furious, pointing their fingers at Han Qianqian and wanting to say something, but they could not hold in a fart even after half a day.

The facts are more eloquent than anything else, what else could they use to argue with Han Qianqian?

“I don’t believe it, I don’t believe you can beat me with anything.” Although the fire monster was badly injured, he was still holding on and roaring with resignation.

“You are already lying down, is there anything you don’t believe in?” Han Qianqian laughed softly, “Besides, since you asked then I’ll be merciful and tell you, isn’t that the earth fire you’re sucking up? Didn’t you see what I was shouting just now?”

“Heavenly fire.”

“Since it’s heavenly fire, how can earthly fire fight it?”

Han Qianqian finished and looked at the four monsters with a smile.

The four monsters were surprised and looked at each other, clearly not believing Han Qianqian’s line of reasoning.

“You have guts.” The fire monster roared angrily, “The mountains don’t turn, the water doesn’t turn, the earth doesn’t turn, the sky doesn’t turn, don’t be complacent.”

When Han Qianqian raised his eyes and looked back, the four monsters on the ground had already disappeared.

What is even more bizarre is that a strange sound suddenly came from far, far away from the jungle ……