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His Destined Path Chapter 3550


Between opening his eyes, a mouthful of turbid air exhaled, after a night of cultivation, Han Qianqian’s mental state was good, and the energy in his body was more stable and abundant.

Walking out of the cave, Han Qianqian looked around.

Finally, his eyes fixed on a jungle not far ahead and the corners of his mouth smiled slightly.

Obviously, Han Qianqian already knew that someone had come here last night.

“Quite good, at least you guys let me know that you and I have the same thing in mind.”

“Evil Taotie, since someone is taking care of you on your behalf, you should rest well.”

With those words, Han Qianqian headed in the direction of the sun pool with quick steps.

The jungle was enormous, and if all went well on the way, Han Qianqian’s initial estimate was that it would take at least about mid-afternoon, close to dusk, before he could reach it.

At this time, when the moon is not rising and the sun is setting, it is probably the best time for Han Qianqian.

After all, with the moon rising and yin prevailing, and this guy being called the Sun God, Han Qianqian had to guard against any a*sociation with the sun.

Fortunately, there were no unexpected surprises all morning, and the road at Sun Tan was far better than at Moon Tan.

Looking at the hot sun above his head, Han Qianqian did not intend to continue his journey and found a shady place to close his eyes and rest a little.

When Han Qianqian had been resting for a few dozen minutes, there was suddenly a faint noise inside the jungle.

“Is this kid physically weak, or did he suffer internal injuries when he fought us? How come this guy has to take a break after not walking for long?”

Where the jungle was covered, there seemed to be a small patch of mud in a spot of land, moving slightly, and the slightest sound came with it.

Next to the mud, there was a low depression with a little muddy water in it.

Just then, the water rippled slightly, and immediately afterwards, a voice also came out leisurely, “Impossible.”

“The fact that he is walking in a steady manner shows that he is full of energy, so how can he be weak and suffer from any internal injuries?”

“Then what is he doing here?” The clay lump said in disbelief.

The puddle was silent for a moment, “There are two possibilities.”

“Which two possibilities?”

“He’s either been here before and knows something about the place, so he’s already prepared in advance to avoid the most fortification from the enemy. Either ……” There was some silence here in the puddle, and after a moment, said with some disbelief, “Or this guy is just incredibly smart and alert, and has made his prediction in advance.”

“What you mean is that this fellow Han Qianqian headed to know that holy elements can only be killed in the early morning and at dusk?”

Puddle thought for a moment and nodded, “Although this does sound a bit evil, when you think about it, it actually happens to be extremely likely. The yin and yang of this guy, when the yin energy is in full bloom at night, the yin energy is used by him and he can destroy and destroy everything. At daytime, when the sun is shining and the yang energy is abundant, he can turn the yang energy into his own use and kill.”

“Only at dusk and early morning, when the Yin and Yang Qi are sinking into each other, both Qi are at their weakest, and when the power of the holy element is at its weakest.”

“Grandma, why don’t I believe that? It’s understandable that young people have quick brains, but it seems unlikely that they can be so steady as an old dog’s vigilance.” The clay lump still couldn’t accept it and shook his head.

“Oh, it’s true that in theory it’s unlikely, but some people always have something very humanly sharpened and, naturally, a mind far beyond that of others. Isn’t there a particularly good saying that when the heavens descend on a man, he must first suffer his heart and soul, toil his bones and starve his body? Just because they have endured what ordinary people cannot, their preparation and growth also come far stronger than others.” Puddle said blandly.

With these words, the clod seemed to understand a lot more and was about to speak when suddenly, a voice interrupted him.

“It’s quite interesting, this Mudblood can chat with Puddle, and this is not sure if the others can chat too?”

As the words fell, a figure suddenly bent down right next to the small mud puddle ……