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His Destined Path Chapter 3549

The earth monster jolted, obviously not expecting someone to suddenly put a sword across his throat, and in his haste looked back, surprisingly more puzzled for a moment.

“What do you mean by that?”

The sword was not solid, but made of wind, so naturally, its owner was no other than the wind monster.

But it was precisely because the Wind Monster was one of his own that the Earth Monster was bewildered and full of questions for a while.

The Water Monster hurried to the two of them and looked at the Wind Monster, frowning: “When we got together as brothers, we swore that we would never kill each other, what are you doing?”

“That’s right, if you have the guts, you put your sword on that Han Qianqian’s body, on your own brother’s neck what kind of skill do you have.” The earth monster had the water monster for momentum and could not help but roar even louder for a moment.

The wind monster took one look at the two men and, knowing that he was in the wrong, turned his sword and withdrew his hand, “I just don’t want you, you confused b*****d, to put us in a place where we can never be overtaken.”

“You’ve seen what that Han Qianqian is capable of, if we really kill his divine beast, do you think that guy can’t do what he says he can do?”

“Although that kid is young, he’s exceptionally calm and collected, he’s bound to be a ruthless character, is such a person that easy to mess with?”

The words fell, and the wind monster stared at the two monsters in depression.

The Water Monster thought for a moment and nodded, the Wind Monster’s words did have his truth too.

The Earth Monster was actually also in a moment of brain fever, and now that he had calmed down a little and listened to the two of them again, he actually knew that he had been too reckless.

“So what do we do? How about setting his beast free for him?”

What’s the use of keeping it in your hands if you can’t kill it, more trouble is better than less.

Without speaking, the water monster looked to the wind monster on the side, hoping to hear his opinion.

“After all the hard work of capturing it, is it willing to just let it go?” The wind monster looked at the water monster and said blandly.

The Water Monster nodded slightly, thinking about it, and nodded, saying, “Indeed, no matter what this fellow we caught very hard, and it is always a bargaining chip, and when necessary, I believe this bargaining chip can definitely play its role.”

“If the Sun God wins, we are unable to resist, but at least capturing Han Qianqian’s divine beast that is also considered to have done something, even if the Sun God blames us, I am afraid it will be much lighter.”

The wind monster also nodded in agreement, “If this kid wins, then at least he has something in our hands, and we will still have a chance to negotiate with him then.”

Hearing this, the earth monster also nodded his head like a chicken pecking at rice.

This was indeed a good plan, a way to attack and a way to defend, a seamless and heavenly way.

“You two are quick-witted, but it’s me, hey, I almost spoiled it.” The earth monster rubbed his head with embarra*sment and said apologetically.

“So what do we do next? Keep it for now?”

The wind monster and the water monster looked at each other and reached a consensus.

“Good, not only do we have to keep it, we have to keep it well, nothing must go wrong, or if anything goes wrong, our chips will be devalued quickly.”

“So there’s a mission for the three of us next.”

“What mission?” The earth monster wondered.

The Wind Monster and Water Monster laughed at the same time, followed by the Water Monster who opened his mouth, “Raising pigs.”

“Raising a pig?”

“Good, raising a big fat pig.” The Wind Monster also said cheerfully.

As long as Han Qianqian’s divine beast had not only not lost a single hair by then, but was instead white and fat, then in the unlikely event that Han Qianqian won such an ending, then not only would they not lose the slightest bit of leverage, but they might even get Han Qianqian to at least be less angry as a result.

After all, giving him a fat and white divine beast is just another kind of a tribute, isn’t it?

When they thought of this, the three monsters were happy and farting around.

But little did they know that when they decided on this idea, or when they caught the evil Taotie, it was destined to be a pig ……

Far from being as simple as they thought it would be.

Even …… the day the pig became fat was also the day they became thin as lightning ……

They are today’s fart top, happy, happy, other day, will become breathless, dying, begging daddy to sue grandmother ……

And with the departure of this group of people, the night returned to calm.

When the first sun rose again, the cave Han three thousand also slowly opened his eyes ……