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His Destined Path Chapter 3558

Ning Yue also came back to her senses at this time, and looked back at Qin Shuang, who was beside her, with disbelief.

“This …… is what is going on?”

Qin Shannon’s entire person was also completely mute, not knowing for a moment how to answer.

Everyone was a cultivator, and for Su Yingxia’s ability, even without seeing her strike, they could roughly look at her cultivation level and guess a thing or two.

In Qin Shannon’s eyes, Su Yingxia could be considered more of an expert, but she could not be equated with a super or top.

This point was best illustrated during the Voidless Clan war.

If Su Yingxia was that kind of top expert, Han Qianqian would not have allowed Heiyu to guard Su Yingxia with him, and it would not have been possible for Ginseng Wa to die in that battle.

Therefore, it turned out that Qin Frost’s judgement should not be wrong.

Plus, having spent so much time with Su Yingxia as well, this point was even more corroborated.

“I don’t know, Ying …… Yingxia how did she become so powerful all of a sudden?” Qin Frost was puzzled and greatly puzzled.

It was as if she had suddenly changed overnight.

If we divide the strength of ordinary people to top experts according to one to ten, then the previous Su Yingxia was about the shape of three, perhaps not influenced by the Fu family she might be at least at five and six, but this is also the limit of her.

Now, however, judging from the power of this move alone, her ability was at least between eight and nine, and she could even vaguely cross over into the ranks of the top masters and have a go at taking some eight-wilderness level masters.

“Did she break through her body? I mean she fainted a few days ago, could it just be because the old affliction from the original Fu family had returned, but after Han Qianqian and Ziyou’s rescue, everything had subsided and her original strength was restored?” Ning Yue said.

Fu Li shook his head, “The Fu family was worried about Ying Xia and resistance at first, so they did put a chronic suppressing medicine on Su Ying Xia’s body.”

“During the period of suppression, not to mention the great rise in cultivation, even if the original cultivation did not fall off, it was already considered a miracle. After such a long period of time, even if Su Yingxia had really completely gotten rid of the pit of these poisons, it was absolutely impossible for her cultivation to rise instead of fall.”

“Besides, Su Yingxia was far from reaching this level of cultivation even at her peak.”

Compared to others, Fu Li should be considered the person who knew Su Yingxia the most, naturally he knew better than anyone else how strong Su Yingxia really was.

“Do you mean that …… Su Yingxia’s strength has suddenly appeared with this flood of growth?” Ning Yue exclaimed.

Fu Li nodded with great certainty, “Even though I don’t know exactly what happened, I can be certain that this is the only possibility.”

Ya Wenku

After hearing Fu Li’s unusually certain words, Ning Yue and Qin Shannon and the others all looked at each other with their small mouths slightly open in amazement.

Overnight, it was like a flood of fierce beasts.

Although it was true that the abundance of spiritual energy in the Heavenly Book World could greatly and extremely quickly raise one’s cultivation, there was always a degree to it, and besides, everyone was in the same place, so how could Su Yingxia be so far ahead of others that she suddenly grew against the heavens all by herself?

“What kind of strange encounter has happened to Su Yingxia’s body?” Liu Fang murmured.

“Could it be that it’s because of the Purple Emotion?” Ning Yue’s willow brows furrowed even tighter.

Purple Emotion’s body had always been a huge mystery, moreover, she was also a freak whose cultivation level had skyrocketed, and in connection with the fact that Purple Emotion had always been with Su Yingxia after she suddenly fainted last time, this guess did fit quite well.

But unfortunately, Purple Emotion had not returned from the bamboo house, so there was no way to ask her about it.


Bang, bang, bang!

Almost as the crowd was wondering, several more explosions rang out, followed by another white figure suddenly flying swiftly from the distant jungle, waving its sleeves and clothes, as if hundreds of mines had been placed on the ground and exploded at the same time.

A series of loud sounds, driven by the entire ground sand flying mud explosion, the crowd stunned at the same time look at the woman in white can not help but be even more alarmed ……